COVID -19 Board of Health Update

“It’s not over ‘til it’s over”

The number of Covid-19 cases is expected to peak in the next two weeks. We have seen Franklin County’s numbers increase over the last week. It is more important than ever, therefore, that we follow strictly the Governor’s advisory to stay at home. Even if you have no symptoms, please help contain the spread of the virus by staying at home and going out only when it is absolutely necessary.

Your Board of Health STRONGLY ENCOURAGES that EVERYONE wear a mask or cloth face covering in all public settings. This includes grocery stores, the pharmacy, the Post Office and the Transfer Station. This recommendation does NOT replace social distancing, and all the other measures you are taking to protect your family and neighbors from the spread of the virus. Think of everything outside your house or touched by others as potentially contaminated, wash your hands!

The gradual reopening of the state rests, like a table, on four legs- 1) increased testing 2) increased health care capacity 3) isolation and contact tracing 4) continued social distancing. The governor is addressing the first items. We individually are responsible for reporting illnesses and cooperating with public health directives We can each do something!

Baystate Franklin’s drive-through testing is currently available to those patients of either Baystate Medical Practices or Valley Medical Group who have spoken with their primary care providers and have an order for the test. Although there are still not enough testing supplies (swabs, reagents) for widespread testing, all primary care providers are also able to offer at least some testing at this time to those whose illness meets the criteria for a test.

NOTE: The COVID numbers on Shelburne’s town web site are correct and up to date. The state‘s Shelburne case totals include some other area towns that are within the 01370 zip code.

Posted: April 22, 2020

Posted: to Town of Shelburne News on Wed, Apr 22, 2020
Updated: Wed, Apr 22, 2020