Wastewater Treatment Plant High Flow Event Notice

Wastewater Treatment High Flow Event Notice

As a result of heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours coupled with previously saturated ground, flow through the Shelburne Falls WWTF far exceeded designed capacity. 4+ inches of rain drove the flow at the facility to over 1,000 gallons per minute. That is equivalent to 1.44 million gallons per day or 600% of designed capacity. Wastewater, treated to much less than the required minimum of 85% removal, went to the Deerfield River throughout the day. Measures were taken to lessen the discharge but had little effect. Water downstream of the treatment facility should be considered unsafe for contact for at least 3 days. Even at the rate the sewage was coming to the facility, we had no reports of sewer back-up or surcharge of raw sewage from the collection system including both Buckland and Shelburne areas.

A notice will be sent when conditions have returned to normal treatment levels.

Daniel M Fleuriel

Acting Chief Operator