Eversource Assistance Programs for Low to Moderate Income Families

More Assistance for Energy Bills Than Ever Before

Dear community resident,

We are partnering with Eversource to raise awareness of additional fuel assistance funds available from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to help pay energy bills. This includes federal weatherization funds to reduce energy bills by making your home more energy efficient. To apply for Fuel Assistance, please contact your local community action agency or find your agency at Mass211.org.

If you or someone you know is having trouble keeping up with energy bills, Eversource offers many programs and payment plans to help lower monthly payments. To find the right options, call Eversource at 866-861-6225 (Eastern Massachusetts) or 877-963-2632 (Western Massachusetts). You may also visit Eversource.com/billhelp.

There is a plan for everyone, including:

State and Federal Assistance Plans

  • Get help for your heating bills with Fuel Assistance and the Good Neighbor Energy Fund at MAGoodNeighbor.org

  • Renters can receive assistance for past due electric bills and rent through Massachusetts’ Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Visit Mass211.org or call 211.

Protection Plans

  • Keep your energy service on while you get caught up on your bill with a protection plan for customers facing a financial or medical hardship.

Payment Assistance Programs and Plans

  • You may be eligible for a Discount Rate of 36% off your electric bill. For more information on eligibility requirements, please visit Eversource.com.

  • Lower your monthly payment and eliminate a past due account balance with programs like New Start.

  • Take advantage of extended payment plans, or tame seasonal spikes in your energy bills by paying a fixed amount each month with Budget Billing.

Energy Efficiency Plans

  • Eversource can help you find ways to make your home more comfortable, while lowering your energy usage and bill. No-cost solutions are available for qualifying customers.

Please help us raise awareness about additional fuel assistance available, by sharing this important information with family, friends and neighbors.