Technology & Cable Advisory Committee

Meeting Schedule: 1st Wednesday of most months, as needed

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4 of 5 seats. 1 years each seat.

  • Mike Duffy, Chair. June, 2023.
  • Hawley Waldman. June, 2021.
  • Craig Miller. June, 2023.
  • James Boehmer. June, 2023.


The Technology and Cable Advisory Committee was formed by the Select Board in 2012. In addition to overseeing, monitoring, and negotiating cable TV franchise agreements, the Select Board also charged the committee with expanding Broadband Internet service availability in Shelburne.

At numerous public hearings and meetings, Shelburne residents expressed frustration with the limited available options for high-speed Internet access. DSL service is available within 3 miles of Verizon’s central station in Shelburne Falls, but DSL no longer meets the federal broadband standard of 20 megabits/second. Satellite Internet service is relatively expensive, subject to strict download limits, and is unsuitable for real-time applications due to an inherent latency issue.  High speed cellular data service is also unavailable in many parts of town, and can be very expensive if data thresholds are exceeded.

In 2018 our committee worked with Comcast, area legislators, and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) to expand Comcast’s network in Shelburne by more than 18 miles, making broadband access available to an additional 213 homes. The Comcast network now covers more than 96% of Shelburne’s homes and businesses at no cost to the town.

The cable network expansion still left some areas of town without adequate broadband access. The 2018 annual Town Meeting approved partial funding to extend Colrain’s planned fiber optic broadband network to areas of Shelburne not served by Comcast’s cable network. That effort was completed in 2022 when Whip City Fiber's network was extended to cover the remaining 4% of unserved areas.  We continue to work towards the goal of broadband access for ALL Shelburne residents, including consideration of alternative broadband service options as they become available.

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