Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—June 23, 2008

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM, Joseph Mattei, Marvin Peck, & James Richardson

2. 6:10 - Cynthia Boettner from the Open Space Committee came to discuss their Land
Evaluation Workbook. She encouraged members to provide feedback. James
Richardson expressed his concerns regarding the Town's right of first refusal.
We need to confirm that there is a bonafide Buy/Sell agreement before exercising
this right. Benefits and issues concerning APR land were mentioned by Jim.
Briefly went over various sections of the workbook. Assessors agreed that they
could provide the Financial Assessment information, as well as information about
the current assessed use of any land. Cynthia would like to know the cost of a set of
large maps. Bruce will check with Sewall.

3. Reviewed Mail:

  • May MAAO Newsletter
  • Section 5 Excise Bills
  • Department of Workforce letter
  • May Building Permits
  • Sales verifications
  • Deeds
  • MCI, Sprint, & Verizon ATB filings
  • Blue Fox business moved to Buckland
  • Letter regarding Mohawk Orchards parcels
  • Cellular/Mobile Wireless FY2009 Advisory Valuation from the DOR
  • FY2009 Telephone & Telegraph DOR Central Valuations - over $2 Million
    In New growth for Verizon for Poles & Wires over public ways - Must add additional
    Money in overlay to cover this growth, since ATB case is pending
  • New Property Type Classification Codes & Non-Arms length Codes - 6/13/08
    508 - Cellular/Mobile Wireless Companies
  • Forest Management Plan

4. Signed previous meeting minutes

5. Signed Bills Payable

6. Signed Chapter 61A Certificate

7. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Warrants - 2007 - #9 ($339.07), 2008 - #3 ($16,955.52)

8. Signed Preliminary Town & Fire District Warrants for FY2009 Real Estate &
Personal Property

Town - RE = $1,245,902.90 PP = $63,153.22
Fire District - RE = $ 62,171.94 PP = $4,579.58

9. Signed Motor Vehicle excise abatements

10. Signed Monthly List of Abatements

11. Board voted two in favor, James Richardson abstaining, of not sending Section 5 (farm & repair) excise tax bills, per assessors' policy in past years

12. Voted unanimously to grant partial Real Estate Abatements for property that was visited by the Board

13. Need to create a new lot for New England Telephone on South Shelburne Road

14. The Farm Bill passed the Senate - the wording for local option on Farm Excise was included in the bill. It now moves to the House for a vote

15. Next meeting: July 14, Bruce to make appointments to view properties: July 28 meeting to be cancelled because of vacations

16. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:20PM

Joseph P. Mattei, Chairman
Marvin C. Peck
James T. Richardson