Upcoming Meetings

    —November 10, 2008

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:09PM James Richardson & Marvin Peck present

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • Public Hearing 2009 Community Development Strategy Nov. 13 at 7:45PM
    • ATB hearing for 1999 appeal withdrawn by ATB due to error in their computer records
    • Survey Plans for Daniel Shields land
    • UMASS Extension - Massacorn info on heating with wood

    3. Signed letter to Selectboard recommending the adoption of a single tax rate for all classes of property - Tax Classification Hearing is Thursday November 13th at 7:30 PM
    Tax Classification hearing for the Fire District is November 17th at 8:00PM also

    4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

    5. Signed Bills Payable:
    Registry of Deeds $ 2.00

    6. Signed Motor Vehicle Abatements

    7. Signed LA-4 for Shelburne Fire District

    8. Signed October Monthly Reports for Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

    9. Signed Chapter 61A application that was partially denied

    10. Discussed the ownership of the triangular piece of land at intersection of Lucy Fiske & South Shelburne Rd.- the lot is shown on assessors' map 13; it was decided that we should add 1.07 acres for this lot to lot 14 and deduct 1.07 acres from lot 17

    11. Discussed Baptist lot at intersection of Water & Main Streets - deed to town includes the entire lot, but Trinity Church claims they still own part of the lot ; only gave enough land to town for redoing the intersection - will send letter to them requesting corrected deed

    12. Discussed history of Meditation Center and reason they do not file ABC form for exemption

    13. Bruce is still looking over old items in office for disposition - assessors' maps are permanent records

    14. Mr. Hartman is coming into the office next week to look at his property card - he is still concerned about his valuation for the new house

    15. Franklin County Assessors' dinner & meeting at the Whately Inn Thursday at 6:00PM;
    Marvin will bring check to the dinner

    16. Next meeting is November 24th

    17. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:42PM

    James T. Richardson, Chairman

    Marvin C. Peck