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  2. Assessors MeetingMon, Jan 22 04:30 pm
  3. Select Board MeetingMon, Jan 22 06:00 pmAgenda link
  4. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jan 22 07:00 pm
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—MARCH 26, 2007

Called meeting to order at 6:06 PM, with James Richardson, Joseph Mattei & Marvin Peck present

Reviewed Mail

Signed MV Excise Commitment #1 for 2007

Signed MV Excise Abatements

Signed Exemptions for Fire District

Signed Acceptance letter for Roy Bishop’s Revaluation Proposal

Signed Assessor’s Certificate for Rainville’s Rollback taxes

Reviewed Gowdy’s Rollback tax amount on 2 acres

Discussed Conway’s request to share cost of Appraisal of Dam &
Power plant – Jim/Bruce to contact Lee Whitcomb for amount

Discussed Map changes to be sent to Sewall Co.

Next meeting April 9th

Adjourned meeting at 6:35 PM

Marvin C. Peck
Joseph P. Mattei
James T. Richardson