Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm


Called meeting to order @ 6:00 PM with James Richardson, Joseph Mattei & Marvin Peck present

Reviewed mail.

Signed Sewer Betterment Warrant FY2007.

Signed MV Excise Abatements.

Discussed with Harriet Paine her Small Parcel Valuation ; Hoyt wants to buy the parcel, but she does not want to sell to them; Jim R. suggested contacting the Valley Land Trust and donating the small parcel, if they would even want it; discussed her house lot that is increasing to 2.0 Acres due to the surveyed Plan signed FY2007 Actual  Real Estate & Property Warrants.

Reviewed Exemption Reimbursement Form sent to State DOR.

Signed Forest Products Tax Warrant.

Reviewed Plans & Map Changes.

Voted to not send Section 5 Excise bills – Reason for not sending is that most areAgricultural Use and Town voted to not change Farm Excise – some Bills are for other Towns, such as Buckland – will send to them for Disposition – will shred the rest.

Discussed Conway’s Proposal to share their cost of Dam and Power plant appraisal; decided not to share the cost with them; Roy Bishop will value the dam as part of his revaluation.

New Business: Warrant  Petition Articles for the Town Meeting

  • Article 38: To see if the town will vote to prohibit taxation on nontangible property: ie, views, prime lots, or other similar nontangible property
    Discussed and decided that this was moot item since we don’t have a view tax
  • Article 42 : To see if the Town will adopt a split-tax method of assessment so that lands in agricultural production (and not under Chapter 61 protection), and those properties owned by the elderly are assessed at the lowest possible rate discussed and Jim Richardson stated that this would not be amenable to the State DOR as this will not be fair and equitable for all.  Farmers would go to commercial values and Utilities would not be valued high enough with the split tax rate.  Joe Mattei and Marvin Peck agreed. He will review the other options already available for the elderly in order to provide tax relief for them.
  • It was agreed that Jim Richardson will speak to these Articles at Town Meeting.

Next Meeting May 14th.

Adjourned Meeting @ 6:50 PM.

Marvin C. Peck

Joseph P. Mattei

James T. Richardson