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  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  2. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

—February 13, 2012

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM Joe Mattei, Marvin Peck, & Jim Richardson present

2. Susan Stark requested that the assessors put Property Records on the town's website. She stated that Ashfield & Charlemont have their records on-line, and would make it easier for residents & others to use the data. Otherwise, we charge $1.00 per copy, so she had to pay $15.00 for the assessed values listing. Assistant mentioned that the CSC representative could create the link for the on-line data base, which could be on our website. We do not have to show owner names if that is necessary. Jim Richardson stated that he would not want to show owner names on-line. The Board will review and make a decision within a month.

3. Reviewed mail:

  • Governor's Budget Estimate
  • Deeds - 100 Brook Road sold for $165,000 as foreclosure; she is filing abatements - 
    Question- should we combine lots 17 & 22? Lot 22 has garage across the road, but deed lists as one tract - assessors agreed that our records are correct as two lots, since the road separates lots
  • Plan of land Mitchell property on Skinner Road - survey plan shows 6.846 acres - our maps show 8.74 acres - acreage to be updated -in process of being sold - lien released by assessors
  • City & Town 2/2
  • January Building Permits

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

5. (6:20) Met with Gregory Oles @3 Pinnacle Lane - Mr. Oles found errors in square footage on our record card. Living space on the second floor is not the same size as the first floor. The foyer entry has open space above it (approx. 196 sq. ft.). Also one section of the house is shown as larger than it actually is on our sketch. The Board decided that they will go out on March 12 @ 5:30 to remeasure.

6. (6:30) Tim Smith of Apex Orchards - Mr. Smith questioned valuations of APR land at 55 & 154 Peckville Rd. - The farm building land @ #154 is valued as 2 acre commercial lot & @#55 the land is valued as a developed lot with labor camp house. Why #55 was changed this year? Because the APR survey plan shows it as excluded from APR as a 2 acre lot. Also the labor camp house was increased from $29,600 to $95,400. Reason: it was "Sound Valued" in previous years at $29,600. The State DOR does not approve of sound valuing property without sufficient reason for doing so. The assistant could not find any documentation regarding this low sound value.

The valuation of #154 did not change in 2012. The valuation was reduced in 2011 from $189,900 to present value of $154,200.

Mr. Smith believes the law states that the land under farm buildings should be valued as chapter land, but the Board disagrees with that assertion. 
Mr. Smith further stated that we could not create separate lots if there were no deed changes. He maintains that they are contiguous land for the entire farm. The Board is unsure that they are to be considered contiguous, but think they are contiguous. The Board stated that the APR survey plan actually created these lots, some of which are excluded from APR, so that requires the creation of separate records for each lot.

Jim Richardson instructed the assistant to contact Dan Murphy at the DOR Law department to resolve these issues. They will present findings to Mr. Smith at a later date.

7. Signed Bill Schedule - new printer & toner

8. Signed Monthly Reports

9. Signed Motor Vehicle Commitments 2011 - #7 $981.78 2012 - #1 $142,261.25

10. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

11. Processed & Signed one Real Estate abatement & two veteran exemptions

12. Old Business

  • Reviewed Flaccus' Chapter 61 classification of 2.0 acres on lot 1.1 on map 24 at previous meeting. Previous years we denied request to classify 1.9 acres of the land as chapter land with Christmas trees. Now it is under Chapter 61 and the Forester determines the classified acres - and he only excludes 0.1ac for the footprint of the metal building. Assessors make determination under 61A & 61B. If classified as 2 acre commercial lot than valuation is $85,000. If only 0.1ac is commercial lot then valuation is $68,200. 
    Decided at last meeting to accept classification of 0.1ac as commercial. 
    Signed acceptance. Jim Richardson instructed assistant to send letter informing them that if the use changes in the future, then roll back taxes will be due on the 2 acre lot.
  • Missing Chapter Land Information on some applications was received recently

1. Giard - waiting for $75 for lien & need to visit house for abatement information - Jim Richardson will call her again
2. Fiske - signed application
3. Cohn/Smith - returned Chapter Certificate to Forester to correct excluded acres amount - & no gross sales figure - still waiting
4. Dole - still waiting for signed Forest Management Plan
5. Richardsons (2) - Gross sales figures received - signed applications
6. Torras - Gross sales figures received - signed applications

13. New Business

  • Ashenden/Marcy - Land is now under CR - what is the affect on taxes? Any valuation change?
    Jim Richardson said that they need to apply for Chapter land status
  • Dreher - 10 Maple St. do not list as second home for FY2013 - no furniture, appliances, etc. in house as of 1/1/2012
  • Mike Quinlivan was here today 2/13 to update new Personal Property data base in order to fix Fire District account problems

14. Next meeting February 27

15. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:07PM

Joseph P. Mattei, Chairman 
James T. Richardson
Marvin C. Peck