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Selectmen Meeting Minutes 
June 18, 2012 -- 7:00 p.m. -- Memorial Hall

Call to Order: Meeting of the Shelburne Board of Selectmen convened and called to order by Chairman, John Payne at 7:00pm. Members present: John Payne, Bob Manners, and Joe Judd. Terry Mosher, Town Administrator was away on vacation.

Acceptance of Minutes: Minutes of the June 4, 2012 meeting was approved as printed.

Noteworthy News: 
Joe acknowledged the completion of the movie: "Labor Day." John thanked everyone for their help during this time. Mentioned and reminded folks of the July 4th parade. Mentioned that the board would not meet again until July 16th, 2012

Liaison Reports:
Town Hall - John reported all was well.

Highway - Bob reported that the mowing around town continues. The highway crew are wearing their new Official Town of Shelburne T-Shirts ... Grove street work progresses...still planning to pave as many roads as they can throughout the town this summer.

Police- Joe and Steve continue to work on removing items from the Cowell Gym in anticipation of the remediation work beginning soon.

7:15 p.m. Whit Sanford RE: Pratt Memorial Library Restoration Project - Library is making good strides in their fundraising efforts. Moving forward and looking to start an RFP process. Want to begin that process as soon as possible using funds they've already raised. Will study Margo Jones' work we have now in the files, will also look to her (her firm) for advice. The library group is in need of assistance with the request for proposal process.

Highway Superintendent Job - advertisements for the position will appear in the Hampshire Gazette and the Recorder. Resumes are due on June 28, 2012. Changes to the job description looks better.

Part-time Highway Summer Help - Six applications received. The Board authorized Bob and Mark to interview and hire an individual. The hire is contingent on passing a physical examination.

Highway Furnace - Discussion tabled. Waiting for more information from Bob and Terry.

Cowell Gym Mold Remediation - Covino Environmental is finalizing documents on

Cowell Gym work. Joe and Chief Walker are working on a plan for removal of all items on the ground floor.

Cowell Gym Chimney - Joe Mattei is still waiting for quotes from two other contractors.

Proposed personal policy revisions- voted unanimously to accept revisions as printed
Cross Street Fence - members of the Highway Department repaired the fence. Bob indicated that it will cost approximately $1,500 to replace.

Senior Center Regional Agreement- still working on final draft

Comcast Cable Contract- looking to move the process in hopes of getting it done

Transfer Station Lease Agreement- moved and voted unanimously to accept the agreement as written. Meeting with Charlemont selectmen went well. In addition to the Transfer Station Agreement, the Board also discussed the Partnership and wind turbines.

Unanimously Accepted Franklin Regional Council of Government contract for Building Inspection Services.

4th of July Parade - the Board unanimously approved the parade request.

Cultural Council Resignation - The Board unanimously accepted Kim Klein's letter of resignation with regret. Her resignation is effective December 31, 2012.

Pereira Construction RE: One Month Contract Extension - The Board moved and voted unanimously to grant a one month contract extension to Pereira Construction Company so to complete work on Clement Street in Buckland and Grove Street in Shelburne. The extension is effective until July 31, 2012.

Annual Appointments - members of the Board voted to approve all one-year appointments with the exception of Michael Dekoshcak as a member of a joint emergency planning committee. Mr. Dekoshcak has relocated to Hatfield.
Members of the Board unanimously approved all three and five year appointments. There were no six year appointments needed.

Annual Appointment of Town Officials - with the exception of the following; the Board appointed individuals in accordance with the annual listing. A copy of the list is available in the Selectmen's office.

Animal Control Officer - Ed Grinnell
Cowell Gym Director - Hold. Bob and John will review letter from Kimberly Hughes.
Senior Center Director - Hold
Reserve Police Officers - Hold

Please note that Bob Manners abstained from voting on Chief Procurement officer, Fence Viewer and those appointments relating to the Police Department.

Re-Organization of the Board - Bob Manners voted to serve as Chairman; Joe Judd - Vice Chairman; and John Payne, Clerk.

Assignment of Department Liaison Roles - no action taken.

Proposed Amendments to Sub-Recipient Agreements RE: Highland Village Parking Lot Project and Window Replacement Project at 37 Clement Street - John presented a motion to extend the sub-recipient agreements with the Franklin County Housing & Redevelopment Authority and with the Shelburne Housing Authority to allow for completion of a window replacement project at 37 Clement Street and Phase 1 reconstruction of the Highland Village Parking Lot until October 31, 2012. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Adjournment: Joe presented a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 pm. John seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes recorded by Joe Judd.