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Zoning Board of Appeals — Meeting Minutes — November 3, 2011

A duly posted meeting of the Shelburne Zoning Board of Appeals was held at the Meeting Room at Shelburne Town Hall, 51 Bridge Street, Shelburne, on November 3, 2011.

Members Present: William Sweeney, Lowell Laporte, John Taylor, Catherine Smith
Administrative Assistant: Faye Whitney
Members Absent: Joseph Palmeri, Theodore Merrill
Guests: Mark Landy, Per Brandin, Elizabeth Moreland, Jan Voorhis, Edwin Sause, Phil Schuster, Margery Heins, Jim Wallace, Robin Logan, Deborah Andrew

Clerk John Taylor called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

A motion was made by Mr. Sweeney, seconded by Mr. Laporte to approve the meeting minutes of October 6, as corrected.

Voting in favor: Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Laporte, Mr. Taylor
Opposed: None
Abstentions: Ms. Smith

A motion was made by Mr. Laporte, seconded by Mr. Sweeney to approve the Mount Massaemet Windfarm, Inc. hearing minutes of October 6, as amended.

Voting in favor: Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Laporte, Mr. Taylor
Opposed: None
Abstentions: Ms. Smith

Mr. Taylor said the Board would answer procedural questions from those in attendance concerning the wind turbine hearing but would not take any testimony regarding the hearing.

At 7:31 p.m. a motion was made by Ms. Smith, seconded by Mr. Sweeney, to recess the meeting for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the application of Per Brandin for a Special Permit to enable him to construct a garage addition at 8 Severence Street.

The meeting resumed at 8:40 p.m.

Mail included the following: A letter from Jan Voorhis and a copy of the book "Wind Turbine Syndrome," as well as a second letter, all received on Nov. 3; a video titled "Life Under a Wind Turbine" from John Pollard, received on Oct. 11; a letter from James Boehmer, dated on October 5; a copy of a poster inviting people to a Planning Board meeting on Nov. 9; a copy of a letter from Jan Voorhis to the Board of Selectmen; a copy of a letter dated Nov. 1 addressed to the Conservation Commission from Raymond Hartman; a copy of the same letter from Mr. Hartman, dated Nov. 3 and addressed to the ZBA; a notice of a joint public hearing to be held on Nov. 7 concerning Community Development Block Grant applications for 2012; a notice of an Oct. 24 Community Development strategy meting; and a brochure from the Trustees of Reservations concerning ancient ways.

An application for a Special Permit has been received from Jeremy Coleman. He would like to convert the former Mohawk Manor Nursing Home at 45 Water Street to four 2-bedroom apartments. A hearing on this application will be held on December 1.

The Board discussed consulting with the State Ethics Commission regarding any possible conflicts of interests concerning the windfarm hearing. Mr. Palmeri has already done so.

After researching the costs of various ways of tracking mailing. The Board decided to request a Certificate of Bulk Mailing for each batch of notices sent out. This will not prove that the notices were received, but it will show when the notices were sent.

At 9:50 p.m. a motion was made by Mr. Sweeny, and seconded by Mr. Laporte, to adjourn the meeting. The vote in favor was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Faye Whitney
Administrative Assistant