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Zoning Board of Appeals — Meeting Minutes — July 2, 2009

A duly posted meeting of the Shelburne Zoning Board of Appeals was held at the Selectboard's Meeting Room at Town Hall, 51 Bridge Street, Shelburne on July 2, 2009.

Members Present: Joseph Palmeri, William Sweeney, Lowell Laporte, John Taylor, John Pollard
Members Absent: Theodore Merrill, Catherine Smith

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Joe Palmeri at 7:15pm.

Taylor noted to the Board that Palmeri was reappointed by the Selectboard. Taylor moved to re-elect Palmeri as Chairman, Laporte seconded, and it was so voted unanimously.

Pollard asked that the Board to include one additional topic: supporting co-location of equipment in Section 16, in addition to the current wording discussing co-location of antennas. This was omitted in the minutes of 6/4/09.

The minutes of the 6/4/09 public hearing for Omnipoint were reviewed by the Board. Sweeney moved to approve the minutes noting a correction: that Merrill's motion was "not seconded" rather than "not supported". Pollard seconded this motion and the minutes were accepted unanimously.

The minutes of the regular meeting of 6/4/09 were reviewed by the Board. Sweeney moved to approve the minutes noting a correction, identified by Pollard: that Pollard did not formally "abstain" from the Omnipoint permitting votes but did not vote as he was not one of the five members hearing the petition. Laporte seconded the motion and the minutes were accepted unanimously.

The Board discussed that the Board's clerical "clerk", Faye Whitney, was not able to be present tonight due to personal reasons. The Board agreed that Whitney's title should be Administrative Assistant to avoid confusion with the Board's prescribed Clerk who is chosen from the regular (appointed) members.

Sweeney moved to re-elect John Taylor as the Clerk of the Board. Pollard seconded, and it was voted unanimously.

Selectboard member Joseph Judd met briefly with the Board to review the DCR Heritage Landscape Inventory Program which is being considered by the Open Space Committee. He suggested the Board send a letter of support to the Selectboard. The Board discussed that the proposed inventory could be of assistance when considering applications to this Board. Sweeney moved to support Town participation in the DCR Heritage Landscape Inventory Program. Pollard seconded, and the motion was voted unanimously.

The Board continued its review of the Board's Rules and Regulations, and the current compilation supplied by Sweeney. Review will continue at the next meeting.

Sweeney moved to adjourn, Taylor seconded and it was voted to adjourn at 10:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

John E. Taylor, Clerk