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Selectmen Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2012 -- 3:30 p.m. -- Memorial Hall

Meeting called to order by Vice Chair Robert Manners at 3:40pm. Other members present: Joe Judd.

Old Business
Street Sweeper
Bob reported that the Mark Shippee had gone and looked at the street sweeper and even though it ran there was several unknowns about it and that it could turn into a very cost item to get running. He also reported that a decent used machine cost between 15 and 20 thousand dollars. He further reported that at this time we should pass on the machine. Joe suggested that if we could pick it up for cheap monies then perhaps we could explore it at later date. It was decided to take no action on it at this time.

Water Heater
In speaking with a plumber it was determined that the water heater was not in need of replacement but changing an anoid should correct the problem and the part should be less than a hundred dollars. With that information this item doesn't need to be presented at town meeting.

Bob presented a quote from White Heating indicating that the booster pump was in need of repair at a cost of $1015.33 and that the old furnace was not repairable and they quoted a price of $5675.75 to replace same it also indicated that the labor cost could be lower if members of the highway department help with the installation. This quote is lower than Country Oils of $6448 which did not include the replacement of the booster pump. Joe asked that one more quote be gotten for bidding purposes and then made a monition to hold a special town meeting before the annual town meeting to transfer the summon of $8000 dollars from winter maintained to cover the cost of repair of the booster pump and replacement of the furnace. Bob second the motion there was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

Legal expense
Joe brought forth the idea of increasing the legal expense line item to $9500 with $300 allocated for the Planning Board so they can work with town lawyer for the upcoming Wind Bylaw discussion. This was tabled until the next board meeting on the 9th so that John may be part of the decision.

New Business
Maureen Pike came and requested that a warrant article be added to the Special Town Meeting Warrant authorizing the withdrawal of 33 thousand dollars from the Swear Enterprise Found to cover the first payment of the loan that was taken out to cover the Shelburne's portion of the repair to the swear line that was needed following Hurricane Irene. Joe made a motion to do so Bob seconded it there was no decision and the motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn was made at 4:07pm by Joe. Bob seconded and voted unanimously.