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  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

Selectmen Meeting Minutes — November 21, 2011—7:00 p.m. —
Memorial Hall

Call to order: John called the meeting to order. Other members present: Bob Manners and Joe Judd.

Media Present: Cameron Graves, Shelburne Falls Independent and Diane Broncaccio, The Recorder

Acceptance of Meeting Minutes: Joe brought forth a motion to accept the minutes of November 7th and November 15th, 2011 as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Noteworthy News:
Moonlight Magic, Friday, November 25, 2011 - Organizers of Moonlight Magic intend to close Bridge Street to traffic between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Joe will be sending out a message via the town-wide telephone system reminding residents to remove their cars from Bridge Street. Volunteers will also place flyers on car windshields throughout the day as well to avoid having to tow vehicles.

Department Liaison Reports:
Highway: Bob reported that Pete is recovering from his most recent accident and hopes to return to work next week. Franklin County Tech School students raked leaves at the Hill Cemetery last week. Highway personnel shall pick up the leaves resulting from their efforts. Members of the crew are cleaning bleeders and drainage ditches in preparation for rain later this week. They will also place extra trash receptacles along Bridge Street on Friday for Moonlight Magic.

Commonwealth of Mass 2011 MassWorks Infrastructure Program - the Town's application to the MassWorks Infrastructure Program for the Brook Road Stabilization Project was denied. The next application period is September, 2012. Bob will review the application and consider ways to increase the application's competiveness and the project's readiness.

S.F.A.B.A. Partnership Meeting - John attended a Shelburne Falls Area Business Association Partnership meeting last week. He reported that the group has begun having informal conversations with the Town of Charlemont with the hopes of promoting general business opportunities amongst the three towns; he reported that a "Welcome to Shelburne" sign (featuring a picture of the Bridge of Flowers) was recently erected on the property of Larry & Susan Flaccus informing travelers that the Village is just "five minutes" ahead. Lastly, John reported that efforts to raise money for the West County Relief Fund was a great success. The funds will provide flood relief to individuals, families, and businesses affected by Tropical Storm Irene. Before distributing the application to interested applicants, the Partnership would like the Board to review the draft document. The next Partnership meeting is January 23, 2012.

7:15 p.m. Shelburne and Buckland Joint Public Hearing RE: 2012 Community Development Block Grant Activities - John opened the hearing and read the public notice aloud. John Ryan of Breezeway Farm Consulting reviewed the proposed activities in Shelburne and Buckland which included an overview of the proposed $922,000 budget. He spoke briefly about the neighborhood forums and walk-thru meetings that were held in both towns on November 15th. Approximately ten residents attended from each town.

Proposed activities include: Reconstruction of Sears Street in Buckland (estimated cost $604,620); Reconstruction of the Highland Village parking Lot Phase II (estimated cost $180,731); Continuation of the West County Emergency Food Pantry ($27,500) and approximately $109,149 relating to costs associated with administration and program delivery. There were no comments voiced from the public. John closed the hearing at 7:27 p.m.

DOER Energy Efficiency Grant Update:
Memorial Hall Window Replacement - Installation of four windows and related trim work remain.

Highway Garage Boiler Replacement - Bob will to meet with a representative from Country Oil on Wednesday of this week to discuss boiler replacement options.
Cowell Gym Windows - Joe reported that he has had at least three telephone conversations with a representative of the Massachusetts Historic Commission who has confirmed that Shelburne can infill the windows at Cowell providing that the Town funds the project. Joe is waiting to receive written confirmation before suggesting additional action.

Cowell Gymnasium Mold Remediation Project - Joe reported that he met with local building contractor, Steve Mizula and a representative from Service Master at Cowell Gymnasium. In the absence of a clear "scope of work" by a certified mold remediation specialist, neither party could advise the Town. Shortly thereafter, Joe contacted and met with David Smith of Aspen Environmental; a firm specializing in mold remediation. Following that meeting, Aspen Environmental agreed to assess the building and provide the Town with a detailed scope of work at no charge. In the meantime, Joe will obtain an estimate from Steve Mizula for services relating to sealing the building to prevent the spread of mold.

Wind Farm Proposal RE: Disclosure of Financial Interest by Municipal Officials RE: Eugene Butler, Open Space Committee - In light of the Wind Farm proposer's decision to withdraw their application; the Board took no action on Mr. Butler's disclosure.
H1972 - An Act Regulating Primary Elections - Bob presented a motion to support a proposed Resolution in support of H1972; "An Act Regulating Election Primaries" now pending before the General Court at the State House. Adoption of H1972 will ensure that the votes of our troops serving overseas will count on Election Day and will save taxpayers at least $8,000,000 by streamlining elections. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Preservation of Lifetime Records - the Board will discuss at their next meeting.

Highway Laborer Vacancy - Rather than readvertise the highway vacancy, Bob recommended that the Board post the Highway Laborer position internally for one week to see if any of the part-time employees are interested in a full-time, benefited employment. Joe presented a motion to post the position internally with the stipulation that the full Board would conduct interviews. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Joseph Mattei, Shelburne Architects RE: Greenfield Savings Bank Renovation - Greenfield Savings Bank is planning to renovate their entire building. The work will more than likely damage the sidewalk and compromise the root system of the large tree located in front. Joe is seeking the town's permission to replace the tree with one or more trees using a species that is more suitable for the area. Members of the Board agreed that the Joe's proposal would be of benefit to the Town and recommended that he coordinate his efforts with the Tree Warden, the Tree Committee, the Highway Superintendent, and the Police Chief.

Town of Charlemont RE: Transfer Station Lease - Charlemont Selectboard developed a new transfer station lease and forwarded it to the Town without any prior discussion. Proposed changes include:

  • Rent: an increase in the monthly rent from $400 to $450
  • Facility Maintenance Costs: Shelburne must pay 50% of maintenance and repair costs as determined by the lessor;
  • Snow & Ice Control: Charlemont will plow & sand the entire season and Shelburne will pay 50% of the costs;
  • Management: Site will be managed by the Charlemont Selectboard. Any actions taken will require a simple majority vote.
  • Termination of Lease: Notice shall be given prior to March 1st; effective the following year.
  • Term of Lease: Five years instead of ten.

Joe indicated that he would like to continue the Town's relationship with Charlemont however; he would also like to explore other alternatives. He suggested using the town-owned property on the Colrain-Shelburne Road to develop our own transfer station. Following a brief discussion, John recommended that Bob contact a member of the Charlemont Board to request a meeting. Meanwhile, Joe will contact the Franklin County Solid Waste District to see what it would cost to develop an independent site.

Wired West By-Laws and Cooperative Agreement - to allow for more time for review; the Board will discus at their next meeting.

Meeting of All Board Chairpersons - it has been a few years since members of the Selectboard met with Chairpersons of each of the Town Boards/Committees. Everyone agreed that the discussion was long overdue and will dedicate the evening of January 30, 2012 for that purpose.

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Directives - The Board had a preliminary discussion relative to next year's budget directives. Bob suggested that departments be allowed to create budgets based on actual need; and both John and Joe were inclined to seek level funded budgets; recognizing that there may be specific needs that require additional funding. More discussion will take place at their next meeting.

Senior Center - both Joe and Kevin Fox are working with the Senior Center Director and representatives of the Council on Aging to revamp the existing Regional Agreement and develop a budget that may only include the towns of Buckland and Shelburne. The Town of Ashfield initially withdrew from the four town consortium but may rescind their decision. To date, the Town has not received anything in writing regarding their final decision. If the Senior Center becomes a two-town consortium, Joe projects a substantial increase in Shelburne's assessment.

January Meetings - Two of the Board's regularly scheduled meeting fall on Holidays in the month of January. Rather than forgo the meetings, the Board agreed to hold afternoon meetings on January 10th and January 24th at 3:00 p.m.

Tom Miner, Resident RE: Wind Farm Proposal - Speaking as an individual, Tom suggested that it would be wise for the Town to adopt some basic wind farm standards. Whether Mr. Field comes back; the site is on the state's map of prime wind sites and will more than likely attract someone. Also, the State Legislature is in the process of passing legislation pushed by the Patrick Administration to fast-track wind project approvals. The legislation includes provisions to override local decisions. Members of the Board agreed that the Planning Board should begin developing wind farm standards in preparation for future proposals. Bob also suggested that the existing by-law relating to telecommunication towers be revisited as well. John will draft a memo to the Planning Board suggesting this.

Franklin County Sherriff's Office RE: Dog Officer Control & Kennel - The Franklin County Sherriff's Office is ready to launch a Regional Dog Officer Control and Kennel Program. Each Board member received a copy of the agreement and proposed costs for discussion at their next meeting.

Identification Badges - Bob and Joe continue to pursue the idea of purchasing identification badges for selected town officials. Before allocating a specific dollar amount; John would like to see a sample and a firm cost estimate.



ADJOURNMENT: Joe presented a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Town Administrator