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Selectmen Meeting Minutes — July 20, 2011—7:30 p.m. —
Memorial Hall

Call to order: Chairman John Payne called the meeting to order. Other members present: Joseph Judd. Absent: Robert Manners

Buckland Selectmen in Attendance: Robert Dean and Cheryl Dukes. Absent: Kevin Fox

Public Hearing for Reuse of 2010 CDBG Funds - John Payne opened the meeting by reading the public hearing notice aloud. The purpose of the hearing was to consider a program amendment to Shelburne and Buckland's 2010 Community Development Block Grant grant. Construction of Mechanic, Hope, Warren Court, and Franklin Streets are nearing completion and there is approximately $140,000 remaining in the budget. Recommendations for use of this money are as follows:

  • Reconstruction and construction oversight of the lower portion of
    Clement Street in Buckland or;
  • Design, reconstruction, and construction oversight of the lower portion of Sears Street in Buckland

John Ryan of Breezeway Farm Consulting explained that the Clement Street project was the more viable of the two projects. Engineering and design for the entire street is complete and the money would provide for approximately 300' of underground utility work (sewer & water); and approximately 20' feet of full reconstruction beginning at the intersection of State Street. Dan Lawrence, representing Weston & Sampson Engineering was present and gave a brief overview of the proposed project area using design drawings to illustrate.

Sears Street, the second project option would require engineering and design work at a cost of $40,000 and it is unclear whether the street would income qualify (five households have yet to respond to the income survey).

John Ryan noted that the deadline for completion of reconstruction work is November 1st.

Five residents from Buckland attended the meeting. Everyone in attendance expressed support for the Clement Street proposal; especially being that the remainder of the street is slated for reconstruction in the spring of 2012. Residents also commented positively on the quality of the contractor's work so far this year; their willingness to accommodate residents; and their overall neatness on the project site.

Mike McCusker inquired about the layout of parking on Clement Street following reconstruction. Buckland Selectboard member Cheryl Dukes indicated that a decision had yet to made.

John Payne asked if a portion of the money could be used for Bridge Street tree work. John Ryan indicated that tree work would not qualify.

After hearing no additional public comments, John Payne closed the hearing.
Joe Judd brought forth a motion authorizing John Payne as Chairman of the Board to sign all documentation relative to the program amendment request. John seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Town Administrator