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Selectmen Meeting Minutes — September 16, 2010—4:00 p.m. —
Memorial Hall

Call to Order: Vice-Chairman Manners called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Other members present: John Payne. Joe Judd was absent.

Acceptance of Minutes: John presented a motion to accept the meeting minutes of September 13, 2010 as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Department Liaison Reports:
Highway -- Members of the highway department grinded and applied cement to potential trip hazards along Bridge Street sidewalks on Wednesday. Bob reported that two individuals fell on Election Day. Uneven sidewalks near the Greenfield Savings Bank may have caused one fall; the second fall involved an elderly individual who was unsteady on her feet.
Accounting Department Update -- this year's year-to date revenue is $3,351 more than last year at this time.

DOER Energy Efficiency Grant -- Consultant, David Ward has completed benchmarking four town buildings using utility bills to establish a real "use" profile. This information will be beneficial when finalizing the scope of the project, estimating costs, and determining potential savings. Elise Avers of DOER indicated in an email to David Ward that there has been some talk of taking back unallocated ARRA funds from the project because Shelburne has not defined the project since its' award in March. David will contact Ms. Avers regarding this matter and report his findings to the Town. Lastly, John intends to speak with David regarding his first invoice in the amount of $2,317.50. The invoice reflects a charge of $830 for David's initial visit with the Selectboard prior to engaging in a contract agreement with the town.
Cowell Gym Mold Remediation -- waiting for final report from Department of Public Health.
Inventory of Town Roads -- discussion tabled until the full Board is present.
Board of Health RE: Request for Increase in Clerical Hours -- members of the Board of Health have requested permission to increase the hours of their part-time clerk from two hours a week to six (for a period of 16 weeks); so to address a back log of filing. The increase in hours will have no impact of the Board of Health's expense budget. Health Board members agreed to use funds from a "septic" grant to cover the additional expenditures. John presented a motion to approve the request for additional hours; a total cost of $928. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

S.F.A.B.A RE: Request to Close Baker Ave. for Salmon Falls Festival -- Mary Vilbon requested permission to close the alley between Baker Pharmacy and Keystone Market from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. so to accommodate vendors. Mary spoke with Chief Walker as well as owners of both businesses and everyone is supportive of the closing. John presented a motion approving the request to close Baker Avenue for the Salmon Falls Festival as requested. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

S.F.A.B.A. RE: Parade Request for Salmon Falls Festival -- the Mohawk Marching Band will march across the Iron Bridge and down Deerfield Ave. at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. Mary Vilbon requested that the police department suspend traffic briefly to accommodate the band. Chief Walker approved the request indicating the need for one officer. John brought forth a motion to approve the request as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

John Richardson RE: Request for Stop Sign @ Intersection of Bardwells Ferry and Zerah Fiske Roads -- While walking along Bardwells Ferry Road there have been numerous occasions where Mr. Richardson has witnessed cars entering onto Bardwells Ferry Road from Zerah Fiske Road with no reduction of speed. Mr. Richardson fears that in the absence of a "stop" sign there is potential for a serious accident to occur therefore he is requesting that the town install a "stop" sign soon. Before acting on the request, Bob would like to receive input from both the Chief of Police and the Highway Superintendent.

Letter to Attorney General's Office RE: Open Meeting Law -- John composed a letter to Robert Nasdor, Director of the Attorney General's Division of Open Government regarding the recent changes to the Open Meeting Law. The changes went into effect July 1st. After having had 2.5 months experience trying to abide by them, John wanted to share problems, concerns and questions in four specific areas: excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from the notice period; requiring agenda to be available with the posting notices; prohibiting email information exchanges; and OML regulation receipt certification. Members of the Board independently reviewed the letter and agreed that it accurately reflected the Board's concerns. Bob authorized John to send the letter out under his signature.

Memorial Hall Association RE: Weeknight Performance Request -- MHA is requesting permission to host a series of weeknight shows in the upstairs theater. Performances will take place on Thursday evening's beginning at 7:00 p.m. The dates requested are as follows: September 23; October 14; December 9; January 13; February 3; march 17; and June 30. Members of the Board reviewed the request noting that the only apparent conflict was February 3rd when the Zoning Board meets. Bob suggested notifying the Zoning Board of the performance well in advance of their February meeting so that alternate arrangements can be made if they so choose. Motion made by John to approve the request. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

People's Bank RE: Error That Resulted in Returned Checks- In early August, the Town Collector made a deposit consisting of 74 checks from Shelburne taxpayers. For reasons that are still unclear, the bank ran the deposit twice resulting in overdrafts to 19 town taxpayers. To address the overdraft, the bank automatically withdrew the amount from Shelburne's account; returned the checks for insufficient funds; and applied a $10 penalty to Shelburne's account for each returned check. Presumably, the penalty was also applied to each of the 19 taxpayers who had their accounts mistakenly charged twice. The Town Collector has spent numerous hours trying to resolve the problem with bank representatives. She has also spoken with several distressed taxpayers assuring then that the bank will correct the problem and remove penalty charges. John has also had conversations with bank representatives; neither is entirely satisfied with the bank's responsiveness. John suggested that the Board invite a senior bank representative to a meeting so they can explain to the Board what happened. He would also like the bank to send a letter of apology to each of the taxpayers who were affected by their mistake. Lastly, John recommended that the town invoice People's Bank ($500 to $1,000) for the cost of the Collector's time and aggravation while trying to remedy the problem.

Tax Takings -- John would like to proceed with tax takings on two properties in Shelburne. Unsure of what steps to take, he will research further and report to the Board.

Lisa DeAngelis RE: Request for Tree Removal @ 20 Bardwells Ferry Road -- Ms. DeAngelis is concerned with a tree that is located at 20 Bardwells Ferry Road. Large branches continue to fall into the town roadway and she is concerned that the tree presents a public safety hazard. The tree warden will consult with the Highway Superintendent to determine whether the tree is on town property before proceeding any further.

Adjournment: Motion made by John to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 p.m. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary