Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  2. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

Selectmen Meeting Minutes — June 21, 2010—7:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall.

Call to order: John called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Other members in attendance were Joe Judd and Robert Manners.

Media Present: Cameron Graves, Shelburne Falls Independent

Acceptance of Minutes: Joe presented a motion to accept the minutes of June 15, 2010 as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Discussion: After reviewing the minutes relative to the Department of Energy Resources Grant, it became apparent to John that there was a fundamental misunderstanding amongst members with regards to the scope of work and the manner in which funding was applied. Following a lengthy discussion amongst members, suggested revisions were proposed and accepted. John presented a second motion to accept the minutes as amended. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Noteworthy News:
4th of July Parade will take place on Sunday, July 4, 2010 at noon. The parade will begin on Conway Street in Buckland and will proceed to the Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School grounds in Shelburne where there will be a chicken barbecue, games for children, and a band concert.

Department Liaison Reports:
Highway Department -- roadside mowing is underway using the town-owned tractor. Since purchasing the tractor, highway personnel have performed the work eliminating the need to hire an outside contractor. Given the cost of hiring an outside contractor; Bob estimates that the tractor will pay for itself in three years.

Village Tree Work -- Bob also reported that a tree crew will be working on South Maple Street and Bridge Street (between Severance and S. Maple) on Thursday, June 24th. Residents should be aware of the likelihood of street closures and detours while work is underway.

7:30 p.m. John Rees, Patten Road RE: Senior Center Strategic Plan Task Force Representation -- newly appointed Finance Committee member John Rees has expressed an interest in serving on the Senior center's Fiscal Task Force. The mandate of the fiscal task force will be to create and present to the towns for review and approval by October 29, 2010; a five year fiscal plan for the West County Consortium of Councils on Aging that is in keeping with the mission, guiding principles, and objectives of the new strategic plan. The plan will show a reasonable balance of municipal and non-municipal sources of funding. It will include recommendations for possible changes to the current regional agreement; in particular the assessment formula; and will allow for the expansion of the consortium to include other towns.
John Rees had an opportunity to speak with Senior Center Director, Jamie Godfrey at length and is extremely supportive of the strategic plan's concept; he believes that this opportunity will be a great introduction to his role as a member of the Finance Committee and looks forward to serving the town. Members of the Selectboard thanked John for his willingness to serve in both capacities. John Payne spoke briefly about the traditional role of the Finance Committee in Shelburne particularly in the budget development phase. He encouraged John and members of the Finance Committee to be more pro-active. After no further discussion, Joe presented a motion to appoint John Rees as Shelburne's representative to the Senior Center's Fiscal task Force. Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
7:45 p.m. Dan Post and Chuck Washer, Energy Committee RE: Department of Energy Resource Grant -- There are a number of decisions that need to be made should the Selectboard accept the $150,000 from DOER grant and proceed with energy efficiency improvements to Memorial Hall and Cowell Gymnasium. In the absence of a viable guaranteed performance contract with Siemen's Building Technologies, the town must provide $255,000 in matching funds for a total project of $405,000; the premise in which DOER based the grant award. The need to raise the additional monies has created a variety of concerns amongst Selectboard members. Those concerns are: committing to long-term debt in the current fiscal climate, the potential need to replace Memorial Hall and Cowell's roofs, the funding agency's requirements and the town's ability to adhere to them, and the overall lack of clarity relative to the scope work. Regardless of how the money is provided (USDA loan or borrowed); the acquisition would require town meeting approval and there is concern amongst members as to whether it is appropriate to bring such a large request before a special town meeting.

Given the uncertainty of ever rising fuel costs, Energy Committee Chairman, Dan Post believes that the risk of not doing the work is far greater than the risk of moving forward. The Energy Committee believes that the energy savings realized by proposed energy efficiency improvements will be enough to cover loan payments. Members of the Energy Committee have devoted numerous hours of their time to move this project forward. They have requested proposals from three technical consultants to evaluate the proposed scope of work, provide cost estimates, and project annual savings. Those proposals are due on Wednesday, June 23rd. The consultant's payment (estimated at $5,000) is contingent upon DOER funding. The Energy Committee has also adopted a prioritized list of energy efficiency measures for the Selectboard to review. John indicated that members of the Committee (including himself) are frustrated by the inability to move forward with this project. Assuming that the Selectboard agrees to proceed, the Committee would like to schedule a special town meeting no later September 15th.

Members of the Selectboard expressed appreciation for the time and effort that the Energy Committee has put forth so far. While everyone is in favor of money saving energy improvements, both Joe and Bob feel as though the project has been hindered by miscommunications, assumptions relative to financing and lack of clarity. When the Selectboard met last Tuesday and the need for potential roof replacements became apparent, they discussed the possibility of approaching DOER to amend the existing grant contract to include roof replacements first, utilizing remaining funds for other energy efficiency projects. Dan doubted that DOER would consider roof replacements as a complimentary activity. Chuck Washer was surprised that the Selectboard would invest in a new roof for Cowell when there has been talk of closing the building. Dan emphasized that one of DOER'S funding requirements is that the building be kept open for 10 years.

Before seeking estimates for full roof replacements for both Memorial Hall and Cowell Gymnasium, the Selectboard discussed the need to perform core boring tests on each roof so to determine the condition of the insulation under the rubber membrane (estimated cost of testing: $250). Once the overall condition of the roof has been determined, the Selectboard will decide how to proceed with the project. Bob presented a motion to authorize D.P. Carney Roofing to obtain core samples of the roof insulation for both Memorial Hall and Cowell Gymnasium. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Members of the Selectboard will schedule a meeting between now and their next meeting on July 19th to hear the Energy Committee's recommendation for hire of a technical consultant.

Cowell Gymnasium Mold Remediation -- Joe is scheduled to meet with a representative from the Department of Public Health to assess the problem.
Senior Center Strategic Plan RE: Fiscal Task Force Representation -- see 7:30 p.m.appointment.

F.R.C.O.G. Municipal Services Survey -- given the lateness of the hour, John decided to table the survey discussion until another time.

Sale of Mack Truck-no bids were received for the sale of the town's 1996 Mack Truck. Bob would like to re-advertise the truck lowering the minimum bid from $12,000 to $6,999. Clark's Truck Center estimates the value of the truck between $5,000 - $8,000. Bob reported that the dealer, who had originally estimated the value of the truck to be $14,000, has not responded to his inquiries. Joe presented a motion to re-advertise the truck reducing the minimum asking price to $6,999. Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
Purchase of Used Truck -- town meeting voters approved the purchase of a new used truck using $30,000 from Chapter 90 and the proceeds from the sale of the Mack. Now that it has become apparent that the Mack truck is not worth $14,000, Bob wondered what options remained for purchasing the truck. He suggested using $14,000 from the FY'11 Highway Maintenance account; seeking reimbursement of said account at a special town meeting. Joe asked about the consequences of postponing the purchase for a year. Bob indicated that the town would lose the truck and risk more repairs to the Mack. John asked if the fleet could be reduced by one vehicle. Bob indicated that the truck is essential in the winter months. Joe suggested hiring a private contractor for one of the town's plow routes if it proved to be cost effective. Terry was asked to speak with Joyce Muka in Accounting and the Department of Revenue to see if the town had any other options for purchasing the truck. The Board will discuss further at their next meeting.

Open Meeting Law -- John reviewed the many changes to the Open Meeting Law. He also reported that he spoke with Stan Rosenberg's office about some of his concerns. The Senator's Office indicated that they have heard from several cities and towns and suggested a unified position that is representative of Franklin County. John will speak with F.R.C.O.G. to see if they would be interested in orchestrating the effort.
Home Rule Petition -- Senator Rosenberg's Office will assist Shelburne in preparing a Home Rule Petition to go before the House and Senate for consideration. If the home rule petition is accepted, terms of elected officials in Shelburne would begin July 1st rather than the day following the election.

Susan Stark RE: Resignation from Historic Commission -- Bob presented a motion to accept the resignation of Susan Stark with regret. Joe seconded the motion indicating that he had tried to convince Susan to reconsider but to no avail. After no further discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Town of Buckland RE: Cooperative Sewer Agreement -- The cooperative sewer agreement between the towns of Buckland and Shelburne expired on June 30, 2009. In the absence of Sewer Commissioners in Shelburne, the Selectboard appealed to the public with the hopes that they might find three residents who reside in the sewer district to serve on this extremely important Commission. John indicated that former Commissioner, Harry Dunning is willing to accept appointment if two other residents step forward.
Arms Academy Hedges RE: Five-Year Maintenance Plan -- The Arms Academy Alumni Association along with the Shelburne Historical Society would like to help defray the cost of maintaining the hedge located along the Arms Academy lot. Mark Amstein has graciously agreed to freeze the cost of maintaining the hedge ($642 annually) for a five-year period. As in years past, both the Arms Academy Alumni and the Shelburne Historical Society are requesting that the town contribute one-third of the total cost ($214 annually). Bob presented a motion to accept the five-year proposal as presented. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed.

FY'09 CDBG Program Amendment to Include Extension of Franklin Street -- The program amendment to the existing Franklin Street Project proposes to reconstruct an additional 300 LF of Franklin Street, in addition to the 550 LF section of this street already under construction. The reconstruction will include the replacement of inadequate storm drainage system; 100 year old, undersized water mains, deteriorated sewer pipes, reconstruction of existing sidewalks, surface reconstruction of the roadway, and installation of curbing. Cost of program amendment is estimated at: $147,483.12. Bob presented a motion authorizing the program amendment to include an additional 300 LF of Franklin Street in Buckland. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Annual Appointments -- Annual appointments were made in accordance with the attached list.


Cable TV Advisory
Maureen Pike -- Michael Duffy
Hugh Knox -- Daniel Lieberman
Larry Flaccus
E911 Coordinator
Angus "Terry" Dun

Emergency Planning Committee
Formed Jointly with the Town of Buckland

Emergency Mgmnt Director -- Terry Dun
Police Department -- Steve Walker
Fire Department -- Angus "Terry" Dun
Supt. of Streets -- Peter Hillman
Board of Health -- Robert Gonzalez

Civil Defense Director -- Russell Scott
Police Department -- James Hicks
Fire Department -- Russell Scott
Highway -- Steve Daby
Board of Health -- Richard Warner
Fire Chief -- Richard Bardwell
Right-to-Know Coordinator -- Jamie Budrewicz
State Representative -- Denis Guyer
State Senator-- Stanley Rosenberg
Hospital -- Baystate Franklin Medical
Action taken: Motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for one-year terms. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Agricultural Commission
Norman Davenport - 2011 Karen Gould -- 2011
Carolyn Wheeler - 2010 Vacant - 2012
John Herron, Jr. -- 2012

Carl Nilman Scholarship
Marion Taylor - 2012

Conservation Commission
David Thompson - 2011 Allan Smith - 2012
Norman Davenport, Chairman - 2012
Stephen D. McCormick -- 2010 Vacant -- 2010

Council on Aging
Vacant - 2011
Vacant -- 2010
Vacant - 2011
Christopher Myers -- 2011
Deborah Coutinho -- 2012

Historic Commission
Vacant - 2011
Vacant -- 2012
Beverly Phillips -- 2010
Susan Stark -- 2011 - resigned

Open Space Committee
Eugene Butler -- 2011
Joel Dwight -- 2011
Paul Cohen -- 2011
Rita Jaros - 2011
Russell Davenport -- 2012
Daniel Lieberman -- 2012
David Schochet -- 2012
Linda Herrera - 2012
Larry Flaccus -- 2010
Christine Baronas - 2010
Cynthia Boettner - 2010
Norman Davenport -- Con Commission
Beth Simmonds -- Planning Board
Norman Beebe -- Recreation Committee
John Herron, Jr. -- Agricultural Commission

Registrars of Voters
Eileen Rauch - 2012
Theodore Cromack - 2010
Don Upton - 2011

Action taken: Motion presented by Joe to appoint individuals listed for three-year terms. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously


Zoning Board of Appeals
Joseph Palmeri, Chairman - 2012
John Pollard - 2013
Lowell LaPorte -- 2012
Ted Merrill -2011
John Taylor -- 2010

Catherine Smith
William Sweeney

Action taken: Motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for five-year terms. Bob seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Cultural Council
Mary Schreiber, Chairman - 2012
Daniel Lieberman -- 2014
Vacant - 2014
Vacant - 2012
Constance Clarke -- 2015
Kim Klein - 2015


Animal Control
Jeff Thompson

Assissant Assessor
Bruce Kaeppel

Board of Health
Deborah Coutinho
Robert Gonzales, Chairman
Robert Hicks, Jr.
Richard Calisewski, Part-time Health Agent

Board of Health Physician
Dr. Robert Miller

Building Commissioner
James Hawkins

Buildings & Groundskeeper

Chief Procurement Officer
Robert Manners *Held Temporarily

Action taken: First motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for one-year terms with the exception of noted exclusions. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Second motion presented by Joe to appoint individuals that were temporarily held out. John seconded the motion. Vote: Joe and John in favor; Bob abstained.

Emergency Management Director
Angus "Terry" Dun

Cowell Gym Director
Kimberly Hughes

Executive Secretary
Terry Mosher

Accounting Services
Joyce Muka, F.R.C.O.G.

Fence Viewer
Bob Manners * Held Temporarily

Field Drivers
Kurt Benson

Forest Fire Warden
James Wholey

Fred W. Wells Trustee
Suzanne Bishop

Highway Crew Members
Mark Shippee -- Bryan Clough
Steve Hoar -- Keith Rose

Industrial Development Committee
Richard Sedgwick
Joseph Davenport

Inspector of Animals
Barn Book -- Launie York
Quarantine -- Jeff Thompson

Measurers of Wood & Lumber
John Iwanowicz
James Stacy

Parking Clerk
Terry Mosher

Plumbing & Gas Inspector
Andrew K. French

Police Chief
Steve Walker *Held Temporarily

Police Patrolman
Greg Bardwell *Held Temporarily

Action taken: First motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for one-year terms with the exception of noted exclusions. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Second motion presented by Joe to appoint individuals that were temporarily held out.. John seconded the motion. Vote: Joe and John in favor; Bob abstained.

Reserve Police Officers *Held Temporarily
Michael Billiel -- Edwin Thurston
Robert Manners -- Clint Phillips
Clay Herbert -- Jeff King
Kurt Gilmore -- Phillip Malone

Reserve Police Officers *Held Temporarily
James Hicks, Police Chief
Robert Carmody Roger Williams
Michael Johnson Joseph Murdock
Nathan Jackman Charles Wilder
Edwin Thurston Michael Dekoshcak
Jason LaRose Jeffrey King

Charles Bellows -- Melinda Herzig
Jared Bellows -- Holland Herzig
Scott Sullivan -- Clayton Herbert
Kurt Gilmore -- Jamie Waikus
John McDonough -- Lee Lively
John Paciorek, Jr. -- Dave Gendron

Reserve Police Officers *Held Temporarily
Kenneth Ouimette, Police Chief
Randall Williams -- Ronald Hawkes
Nathan Jackman -- Christina Conklin
James Bernier -- Charles Wilder

Sewer Commissioner's Clerk
Maureen Pike

Special Police Officers
John Shea * Held Temporarily

Superintendent of Streets
Peter Hillman

Transfer Station Attendant
James Stacy
Joesph Giard, Spare Attendant

Action taken: First motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for one-year terms with the exception of noted exclusions. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Second motion presented by Joe to appoint individuals that were temporarily held out.. John seconded the motion. Vote: Joe and John in favor; Bob abstained.

Robert Taylor

Assistant Treasurer
Lynn Hathaway

Veteran's Agent
Leo Parent

Veteran's Grave Officer
Les Chadwick

Wiring Inspector
James Slowinski

Action taken: First motion presented by Bob to appoint individuals listed for one-year terms with the exception of noted exclusions. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Reorganization of the Board:
Chairman -- Bob nominated Joe to serve as Chairman. John seconded the nomination. Motion passed unanimously.
Vice-Chairman - Joe nominated Bob to serve as Vice-Chairman. John seconded the nomination. Motion passed unanimously.
Clerk - Bob nominated John to serve as Clerk. Joe seconded the nomination. Motion passed unanimously.

Before leaving his role as Chairman, John indicated that the opportunity has been interesting, educational, and a lot more difficult than it would appear. He expressed appreciation for all of the guidance throughout the year.

Department Liaison Roles:
Highway -- Bob
Town Office -- Joe
Police -- John

While transitioning in their new roles, Joe will continue to work on the potential relocation of the Police Department and John will continue to work with the Town Collector and financial department.



ADJOURNMENT: Bob presented a motion to adjourn at 9:50 p.m. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary