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  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pmAgenda link
  2. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pm
  3. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

Selectmen Meeting Minutes — June 22, 2009—7:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall.

Call to order: the meeting was called to order by Chairman, Manners. Other members present: John Payne and Joseph Judd.

Acceptance of Minutes: a motion was made by John to accept the minutes of June 8th and June 16th, 2009 as presented. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Noteworthy News:

  • Main Street Construction is about to begin. Mass West Construction is the general contractor.
  • Transfer Station will be closed on Saturday, July 4th.
  • There will be a celebration of the Bridge of Flower's 80th Anniversary on July 11th at 12:45 p.m. in Buckland.

Department Liaison Reports:
Treasurer Position – John reported that Robert Taylor of Leyden has accepted the position of Treasurer. Bob currently serves the Town of Leyden as part-time Treasurer. He has already begun working with Interim Treasurer, Lynn Hathaway and will continue to do so until the end of the month; so to become familiar with the office.

Town Hall Evening Hours – both the Town Clerk and the Town Collector have decided to eliminate evening office hours due to lack of patronage. Both individuals have revised their schedules to include more daytime hours.

Town Hall Computers – working with Paul Swem of JBS Computers, John proposed that that Board approve the purchase of two refurbished computers for use by the Treasurer's Office and the Town Clerk. Following a brief discussion, a motion was made by John to expend up to $900 for the purchase of two refurbished computers. Joe seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Assessor's Mapping Update Request – the Board of Assessor's is requesting permission to spend up to $525 for mapping updates. Joe made a motion to authorize the expenditure. John seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Municipal Finance Seminar
– John attended a municipal finance seminar sponsored by the Attorney General's Office which provided advice and guidance on making investments. The seminar also discussed the fraudulent schemes to which municipalities have fallen prey. John intends to speak with our new Treasurer once he gets settled to ensure that all of Shelburne's investments are sound.

– paving is anticipated for Mercy Anderson Road and a portion of Patten Road this week. In their spare time, the crew has been mowing intersections. The Town has received numerous complaints about potholes. Bob reported that they will be addressed in July when more funds are available.

Bridge Street Parking – in the interest of public safety, Joe has been working with both the police and highway department to come up with ways to make Bridge Street safer for both vehicular and pedestrian travel. As a result of lengthy discussions, the following changes will be implemented in the very near future: the speed limit will be posted at 20 mph in both directions; a solid double line has been added to prevent u-turns and "j&quot: hooks; parking spaces will be angled differently to increase the size of the travel lanes; three parking spaces will be eliminated near cross walks and additional parking spaces will be added to replace those that have been removed.

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. RE: Preliminary Energy Conservation Report – nothing to report.

Open Space Committee RE: Proposed Policy for Chapter 61 – John reported that members of the Open Space Committee are eager for the Board of Selectmen to review and make comments on the proposed policy so that it can be adopted. Joe indicated that although most of his concerns have been addressed, he would like to have a little more time for review. Discussion will be tabled until next meeting.

FY'08 Audit Results – This year's management letter was broken down in three sections: recommendations for ways of improving internal controls within the finance department; review of all recommendation from last year (all of which have been resolved); and findings from previous years that are unresolved (delinquent real estate taxes). John reported that implemented changes are already underway within the finance department to address those recommendations brought forth in this year's management letter. As for delinquent real estate taxes; members of the Board agree that the town should follow a more aggressive policy for liening delinquent tax properties. Delinquent receivables are too high and reducing the town's free cash. John commended the Collector who has worked very hard over the last year and successfully collected approximately $100,000 from prior year's delinquencies; however the town continues to fall behind in collections. Working with the Collector last year, the Board of Selectmen directed her to send out notices to all property owners. John estimated that there are between ten and twelve property owners who have made no effort to contact the town or arrange for a payment plan therefore, the town will proceed with a tax lien. Given the financial status of the town, everyone agreed that this matter will be taken very seriously from this point forward so that the town does not risk losing revenue as well as a secured interest in the property in the event the property is sold or the taxpayer files for bankruptcy.

Cable Advisory Committee – given the expertise represented on the joint cable advisory committee, John wondered if when contract negotiations are complete, the committee should morph into a broader "Broadband Committee&quot: so to continue the pursuit of bringing high speed internet access throughout Shelburne. Members of the Board agreed that a Broadband Committee would be of benefit to the town. Before acting on the suggestion, John will ask that the committee bring forth a more formal proposal for consideration.

Re-Organization of the Board – acting on a motion presented by Joe Judd, the Board voted unanimously to appoint John Payne as Chairman. Acting on a motion presented by John, the Board voted unanimously to appoint Joe Judd, as Vice-Chairman. Acting on a motion made by John, the Board voted unanimously to appoint Bob Manners as Clerk. John will continue to serve as Town Office liaison, Bob as Highway department liaison and Joe as police department liaison.

Annual Appointments
– annual appointments for one-year; three-year; five-year and six years were made in accordance with the attached appointment list. Two Boards were held out until the next meeting so to allow for dialogue amongst committee members.

Tree Warden RE: Request to Spend Funds for Tree Removal – the Tree Warden submitted a list of approximately 48 trees slated for removal. Although the work will far exceed monies available; he is seeking permission to spend $3,207 from the shade tree removal account to remove the most dangerous trees and $525 from the shade tree replacement account for the purchase of (3) trees. After a brief discussion, a motion was made by Joe to authorize the expenditures. John seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Larry Flaccus RE: Heritage Landscape Inventory Program – Larry appeared before the Board to discuss the Open Space Committee's interest in applying for a Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation "Heritage Landscape Inventory Program&quot: and if awarded the town would receive free technical assistance from the staff at the DCR to assist with the identification and inventory heritage landscapes in Shelburne. After a brief discussion, a motion was made by Joe to support the Open Space Committee's pursuit of the Heritage Landscape Inventory Program grant. John seconded the motion. Motion carried. Larry indicated that he hopes to organize a meeting of various Board representatives on Thursday, July 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Adjournment: a motion was made by Joe to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m. Motion seconded by John. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary