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Selectmen Meeting Minutes — February 19, 2009—7:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by chairman, Robert Manners. Other members present: John Payne; Joseph Judd joined the meeting at 7:35 pm.

Acceptance of minutes: John made a motion to accept the meeting minutes of February 5, 2009 as presented. Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Noteworthy News: Starting March 2, 2009, the Select Board bi weekly meetings will be on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. The SB is shifting to Monday evenings in an effort to relieve the congestion of meetings on Thursday evenings.

Department Liaison Reports:

Memorial Hall: John reported that he and the Collector continue their efforts to bring in past due taxes and are making steady progress. The monthly cash balances from the Treasurer's office shows January expenses exceeding receipts by $38,000 after a modestly positive collection in December. February should be a better month as real estate tax payments were due February 1 and excise bills have just been mailed.

Highway: Bob reported that the highway crew has been able to use the absence of a snow storm for almost two weeks to do several roadside maintenance jobs. The STRAP grant to repair / rebuild Brook road has gone to an engineering firm for design work. The project will cost $500,000 +/- and will need to be funded initially by Shelburne and than upon completion Shelburne will be reimbursed from grant funds. FEMA / NEMA have reviewed the costs and damaged Shelburne incurred during the recent ice storm and concluded that the town is eligible for $12,00 to $15,000 in reimbursement plus possibly some additional amounts for the removal to 4 or 5 damaged but still standing trees.


7:30 pm Town Clerk - Bev presented her budgets for 2010;
8:15 pm Board of Health - Deb Coutinho presented the Board of Health and housing inspection budgets
8:45 pm Council on Aging - Jamie Godfrey present the Senior Center budgets

Old Business:

Senior Center Activities Coordinator Job Description - Jamie Godfrey presented a proposal to modify the Activities Coordinator's job description to more accurately reflect her actual work and responsibilities. After discussion John moved that the Activities Coordinator's job description be modified as present. Bob seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

FY '09 Budget revisions: John presented a proposed revision to Shelburne's FY '09 budget to reduce expenses and allotments by $31,400 in response to the reduction in State Aid of the same amount. The reductions covered 34 line items and ranged in size from $4,200 to $61. After extended discussion, the proposed revisions passed unanimously on a motion by John, seconded by Joe.

New Business:

Highway Department Snow & Ice Budget: The snow and ice budget of $76,188 is exhausted while there are still 5 weeks left in the official snow and ice season. In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44, section 31D, the Board voted to authorize the Highway Superintendent to spend up to $20,000 in excess of available funds for snow and ice activities for fiscal year 2009; account (# 422 - 071) on a motion by Joe, seconded by John, approved unanimously.

Census Tract Revision request: Franklin Regional Council of Government requested approval to divide Census Tract 415, which encompasses Ashfield, Colrain, Buckland and Shelburne, into two tracts. Tract # 415.01 would include Ashfield and Colrain, Tract # 415.02 would include Buckland and Shelburne. The Census bureau seeks to keep Tracts to populations of 8,000 or less and Tract # 415 currently total 7,658. The new tracts would be about half this amount initially. John moved and Bob seconded a motion to divide Census Tract # 415 into two tracts as requested by the Census Bureau. The motion carried unanimously.

Special Town Meeting: The proposed budget reductions for FY '09 must be approved at a Town Meeting. John moved and Joe seconded a motion to schedule a Special Town Meeting on March 19th at 7:00 pm in Memorial Hall to consider the budget reductions. The motion carried unanimously.

Memorial Hall Association: In connection with the first use of Memorial Hall to broadcast a production of the Metropolitan Opera (Madam Butterfly), The Association has requested permission to use the SB meeting room on March 7, 2009 for a reception for Opera goers. The Association will take responsibility for meeting room set up and clean up. John made a motion to approve the request; Joe provided a second and the motion carried unanimously.


Franklin County Technical School has converted from heat oil to natural gas. It currently has 8,600 gallons of unused heating oil which it is offering to its member towns in 2,000 gallon lots on a first come, first serve basis. The only cost to the towns will be pumping and trucking. After confirming that the town can use the oil and pumping and trucking will be available at modest cost, the Board voted on a motion from John, seconded by Bob to accept FCTS kind offer. The motion carried unanimously. Bob will call the Tech School tomorrow.

Public Comment: None

Adjournment: At 9:45 pm John made a motion to adjourn, Joe seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted
John A. Payne
Clerk Pro Tem