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Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — January 10, 2008—7:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Joe Judd. Other members present: Bob Manners. Member John Payne was not able to attend due to a conflict in scheduling.

Acceptance of Minutes: A motion was made by Bob to accept the meeting minutes of December 20, 2007 as presented. The motion was seconded by Joe Judd. Motion passed unanimously.

Noteworthy News:
* Public Officials Training, 01/14/08, Memorial Hall, 6p.m.-9p.m. Guest Speakers: Attorney Shawn Williams, Public Records Division & Bob Ritchie, Attorney General's Office.
* Special Town Meeting, February 21, 2008 at 7:30 p.m., Memorial Hall
* Public Hearing with Comcast to discuss community needs; 2/27/08; 7:00 p.m., Buckland Shelburne Community Center

Department Liaison Reports:
Highway Department - Bob reported that the Highway crew as been extremely busy with back-to-back snow storms. The snow and ice budget has approximately $2,000 remaining.
Police Department - Joe reported that everything is status quo.

7:15 p.m. John Bos RE: Shelburne Cultural Council Appointment - John appeared before the Board along with Mary Schreiber of 6 Wall Street, Buckland with the hopes that the Board would consider her appointment to the Shelburne Cultural Council. Mary is a retired clergy person and former hospice nurse. She moved to Buckland over a year ago and is currently serving as a volunteer at the Visitor's Center, she is a member of the Greenfield harmony chorus, the administrator of a newly formed hospice choir and a member of the Sustainable Energy Action Committee. Ms. Schreiber's appointment would restore the council's membership to the required minimum of five. After a brief discussion Bob Manners agreed that Mary would be a wonderful asset to Shelburne's Cultural Council and made a motion to appoint her. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

7:30 p.m. Finance Committee/ Town Moderator RE: Review of "Draft" Special Town Meeting Articles - Members present for the discussion was Gerry Dubie, Greg Oles, Lynn Benander and Moderator, James Stacy. Members absent: John Wheeler and Laura Sandvik.
The Selectmen reviewed the proposed warrant articles slated for the special town meeting. No objections were voiced. Joe indicated that the Planning Board and Zoning Board were meeting jointly this evening to consider bringing forth a zoning by-law amendment at the special town meeting; a request brought forth by Attorney Parsons who is representing the owners of 33 Bridge Street. The amendment would facilitate the revitalization of the fire ravished lot. If both Boards were in agreement to bring forth the amendment at a special town meeting, they would be required to first hold a public hearing; therefore postponing the special town meeting originally scheduled for February 7th, to a later date.

Senior Center Lease - Joe reported that member towns were scheduled to meet again this week with the Masons to discuss the lease however; the meeting was cancelled as a result of the lease document not having been finalized.

Draft Guidelines for Recording of Meeting Minutes and Fulfilling Requests for Public Records - no action taken.

Update Policy for Grant-Related Payments - no action taken.

Apex Orchard Lease Renewal - Lessee, Tim Smith has indicated that he would like to renew the lease however; he does not want the town to remove any more trees. The Highway Superintendent had requested that the lease renewal allow for the removal of an additional two acres of trees. Bob suggested that he and Pete meet with Mr. Smith to see if the lease could be negotiated for a term of less than five years.

Deane Merrill RE: Request to Produce and Distribute Copies of "History and Tradition of Shelburne" - no action taken.

Transfer Station Attendant Position - nine applications for the position were received. Bob Manners, Pete Hillman and Terry Mosher will review the applications and recommend 3 to 4 individuals for interviews.

Cowell Gym Custodial Position - following the resignation of Jeff Johansmeyer, the Board agreed to seek a cost proposal from "All About Cleaning" who currently provides cleaning services to Memorial Hall and the two town libraries on a weekly basis. The proposal received from owner, Gary Herzig included cleaning and disinfecting the two restrooms; replacing all paper and soap products, vacuum and/or dry mop all other floors, including front and rear stairwells; elevator will be vacuumed and mopped as needed for a weekly cost of $75.00. After review of the proposal, a motion was made by Bob to award the proposal to "All About Cleaning" through June 30, 2008. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Vote to Direct Representative Guyer to File Special Legislation for Tax Relief - a motion was made by Bob in support of the special town meeting warrant article directing Representative Guyer to file special legislation on behalf of Shelburne to provide real estate and personal property tax relief to the property owners as well as the businesses who suffered total losses as a result of the fire at 33 Bridge Street. Joe seconded the motion. In a brief discussion following the motions, Joe noted that the language may be changed somewhat to include the town's intention of seeking PWED funding to reconstruct the road layout for Memorial Drive. The steep grade and narrow width of the road made it extremely difficult for firefighters to bring the trucks behind the building. Joe is waiting for more information from Senator Rosenberg's office. Motion carried unanimously.

Arms Library Association RE: Questions Concerning December 6th Discussion - following a joint meeting with Arms Library Association trustees and finance committee members relative to the ownership of the Arms building and oversight of library operations maintenance, the Board received a letter from Trustee, Jim Culleny seeking responses to five questions that would assist them in their decision making process. The questions were relative to management of endowments; financing necessary repairs to the library; the Town of Buckland's involvement; whether or not Buckland residents could continue to serve as trustees; and whether or not the town intends to use the building for any other purpose then as a library. In a brief discussion, both Bob and Joe agreed that the management of the Arms endowments would remain with the library trustees. As for the remainder of the questions, many of the answers are unknown at this time. Bob agreed to draft a response for the Board's review.

Stantec Consulting Services RE: Mechanic Street Retaining Wall - Stantec Consulting Services submitted a written cost proposal in the amount of $21,350 along with an outline of their proposed scope of services for a change order that is being recommended by Breezeway Farm Consulting. The need for the change order became apparent when the contractor hired to remove and reconstruct a section of the Mechanic Street voiced concern for the integrity of the retaining wall that abuts the sidewalk. Terry Mosher explained that the repair and/or replacement of the Mechanic Street retaining wall was not included in the scope of the original sidewalk replacement project (a component of the FY'06 Community Development Block Grant). After several discussions with town officials, John Ryan, the contractor, representatives from the bank of Western Mass and the project engineer, a decision was made to pursue the repair and/or reconstruction of the wall. The Bank of Western Mass has agreed to partner with the Town and pay for construction costs associated with the walls repair and/or replacement. Terry Mosher recommended that the amount of the change order request be reduced by $600. In Stantec's proposal, a fee of $600 was being charged for an independent meeting with bank officials. Given that the bank has agreed to work in partnership with the town, all meetings will be held jointly. A motion was made by Bob to approve a proposed change order submitted by Stantec Consulting Services relative the FY'06 Community Development Block Grant Project in the amount of $20,750. The change order; a supplement to the original grant application will provide the following scope of engineering services:

  • Evaluation of the Mechanic Street retaining wall;
  • Three repair/replacement solutions;
  • Design plans and specifications for the preferred solution.

After no further discussion, the motion was seconded by Joe. Motion carried unanimously.
Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs RE: Smart Growth Grant - the Falls Observation Area Task Force Committee have requested that Shelburne submit a grant application request to the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs with the hopes of receiving $20,000 to be used for the planning and design of a handicapped accessible, interpretive, deck and walk way in the area known as the glacial potholes. Joe explained that this grant is a reimbursable program whereby if the town is awarded; we would have to upfront the money then seek reimbursement. Bob made a motion to submit the application on behalf of Shelburne. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Department of Conservation & Recreation RE: Trail Council - in an effort to enhance the on-going development and management of the Mahican-Mohawk recreational trail, stakeholders in the trail are working to establish a Mahican-Mohawk Trail Council to share accomplishments, further the development of the trail, and coordinate management and maintenance strategies. The Department of Conservation and Recreation's Greenways and Trails Program is helping to facilitate this process. Any one interested in participating in the trail council can attend a meeting scheduled for Monday, January 14, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at the Shelburne Falls Village Information Center.


A motion was made by Bob to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m. The motion was seconded by Joe. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher, Executive Secretary