Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—November 28, 2011

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00 PM Joe Mattei, Marvin Peck present - Jim Richardson arrived @6:10PM

2. Reviewed mail:

  • City & Town
  • Adjusting Assessments for Natural Disasters - Info from Franklin County Assessors Meeting

3. Signed Previous meeting minutes

4. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

5. Signed FY2012 Real Estate & Personal Property Warrants for Town & Fire District for third & fourth quarters

6. Old Business

  • Discussed abatements for Gitsis Realty in order to settle before ATB hearings
    25-31 Bridge St. Appraisal = $280,000 Assessed value = $325,600 - Unanimously decided to reduce valuation to $310,000
    33-37 Bridge St. Appraisal = $770,000 Assessed value = $858,600 - Unanimously decided to reduce valuation to $825,000 TIF valuation reduced from $306,900 to $295,200.
  • Marjorie Giard - lost her job & is concerned about overvaluation of house, it is in disrepair - not sure she wants to have it inspected inside - assessors agreed that they need to inspect the house before acting on her request for an abatement - it was noted that her valuation has been reduced by $62,200 by removing a barn that belongs across the street - assistant will notify her
    Assessors approved her Chapter 61A application for land around her house, since she raises and sells chickens and beef cows - assistant to notify her of the need for a check to register the lien
  • Michael Garfield-Wright - Flood damage & valuation of commercial building @ 3 Bridge Street - Reviewed & signed letter notifying him of missing income & expense information & that his request for an abatement for loss of income has been denied, since state law requires that the loss of valuation must be greater than 50% of the total valuation due to a natural disaster
  • Jim Richardson called George Dole about additional information on his Chapter land application - he will come in this week with the information
  • Reviewed 5 Maple St estimated valuation - agreed that an estimate of $500,000 is reasonable, since much of the renovation involved meeting code requirements & removable of extra kitchen & baths - will have exact figure after year-end roll over of CAMA system by state
  • House @ 48 Mechanic Street torn down - assessors agreed to send abatement form to owner, even though we do not have new address
  • Processed & Signed Chapter Applications

7. New Business

  • Printer is running out of time - no life left on drum or toner but still prints with issues after installing old toner

8. Assessors agreed to cancel meeting on December 12 (no meeting on Dec.26 - Christmas holiday) - they will come in as necessary to sign any documents

9. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:10PM

Joseph P. Mattei, Chairman 
James T. Richardson
Marvin C. Peck