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Selectmen Meeting Minutes — March 4, 2008—4:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Joseph Judd. Other members present: John Payne. Selectmen Manners was unable to attend due to a conflict in his work schedule.


Other Business:
Apex Orchard Lease - the revised lease has been reviewed by Town Counsel and approved. Tim Smith, representing Apex Orchards, Inc. has signed the document. A motion was made by John to authorize the Chairman to sign the lease as presented. Joe seconded the motion and thanked Bob Manners for all of his efforts. Motion carried unanimously.
Appointment of "Spare" Transfer Station Attendant - in the past when a transfer station attendant has been unable to provide coverage at the transfer station due to illness, etc., a member of the highway department has filled in. Given the winter we have had and the demand placed on the highway crew, when Mr. Stacy was recently hired as Transfer Station Attendant, the second candidate in the running for the position was asked if he would be interested in serving as the town's "spare" operator. After submitting a letter of interest to the town, the matter was brought before the Board of Selectmen for consideration. After hearing the recommendation of the Highway Superintendent, a motion was made by John to appoint Joseph Giard of Orcutt Road, Buckland, MA as the town's "spare" transfer station attendant at an hourly rate of $13.66 (Grade 7-H, step 2). Joe seconded the motion and stated that both Jim Stacy and Joe Giard will be attending an all-day training seminar sponsored by the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District which will include a tour of the Materials Recycling Facility in Springfield. Both will be compensated for the day of training. Motion carried unanimously.
Deerfield River Watershed Association RE: June 14th "River-Fest" Celebration - a parade permit was submitted by Polly Bartlett for the annual "Frog & Flower" parade. The parade will begin at 1:45 p.m. on the Buckland side of the river and will end in front of the Visitor's Information Center. The request has already been reviewed and approved by the Chief of Police. A motion was made by John to approve the parade permit request. Motion seconded by Joe. Motion carried unanimously.
A second request was submitted by Polly Bartlett for the use of Memorial Hall on the day of the event from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. She also requested that the rental fee be waived. Before making any decisions, John suggested that Terry contact Mrs. Bartlett to ensure that there would be a designated "overseer" of the hall while in use, that the room would be put back to its' original condition and providing there is no food, no reptiles or liquids involved. Terry will contact Mrs. Bartlett and report back to the Board at their next meeting.

Award of FY'09 Heating Oil Bid - the town has received the results of the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative's most recent bidding for the purchase of #2 heating oil. Of the four bids received, the lowest bidder, based on the vendor's margin and overhead for both the "low spot market price" and the "fixed price" was Dennis K. Burke of Chelsea, MA. Terry Mosher expressed concern for a vendor that is located so far from Shelburne and wondered if there would be any additional surcharges above and beyond the bid price to cover their transportation costs. She was also concerned that if a town building were to run out of heating oil, the chances of a quick response would be slim to none given the distance. Before taking any action, Terry will review the contract documents and contact the bidding agency with her questions and concerns. She will report back to the Board at their next meeting.
Yanina Vargas RE: Tusk N' Rattle, Relinquishment of Liquor License - In a letter to the Board of Selectmen Ms. Vargas informed them that she is relinquishing the liquor license held in the name of Tusk N' Rattle Café. The business closed on February 2, 2008. Given the annual cost of the liquor license ($1,075), Ms. Vargas is requesting that the Board consider reimbursing her for the unused portion of the license. Following a brief discussion, a motion was made by John to reimburse Yanina 50% of the total cost of the license ($537.50). Joe seconded the motion. John noted that this decision is not to be considered as precedent setting. Any future requests of this nature will be considered on the basis of individual merit. Motion carried unanimously.
Main Street Reconstruction Phase 1 RE: Neighborhood Concerns, Bidding Project (Pete Hillman, John Ryan, Dan Lawrence, Diana Hardina & James Boehmer) - after having heard concerns expressed by residents of the Main Street project area on February 26th, the Board wanted to take this opportunity to review those concerns, implement any changes if necessary and proceed with the bidding process. The overall sense of the last meeting clearly indicated a conflict between verges and parking. Joe opened the meeting by asking the Highway Superintendent if there was any room for compromise if residents wanted more "green". Pete indicated that regardless of the width of the "green"; whether it is 3' wide or 8' wide, the street is not wide enough to accommodate parking on both sides while maintaining 11' travel lanes. Dan Lawrence of Weston & Sampson recommended two scenarios for the West side of the street; either an 8' verge with no parking, or all parking and no verges. John Payne asked about inset parking in some areas and grassy verges in others. Pete Hillman indicated that such a design would create a plowing nightmare. John stated that aesthetically he would prefer green verges all the way but he also recognized the need to be sensitive to those who wanted parking. Delaying the bidding of the project was of great concern to John Ryan and town officials. John Ryan reminded everyone that DHCD (the funding agency) does not fund aesthetic improvements (i.e. grass, lighting, trees, etc). John also reminded everyone that there are three phases to the Main Street reconstruction project and the success of phase 1 will weigh heavily on the future funding of the next two phases. Dan Lawrence indicated that his firm currently has two projects out to bid with 20 plan holders and the longer the town waits to get this project advertised, the less competitive it will become. After a lengthy discussion concerning the various widths of the street, and the desire to appease the residents with both parking and green; a new concept was brought forth to include parking on the West side of the street from Cross Street to 36 Main and green verges (of varying widths) from 36 Main to Grove. Pete Hillman indicated that the concept would work for his department in terms of snow removal however parking would have to be strictly enforced otherwise vehicles would attempt to park in the travel lane.
Joe asked for comments from the two residents in attendance. Jim Boehmer thanked everyone for taking the time to discuss his neighborhood's concerns and for making design modifications to include both green spaces and parking. He recognized that "trees" are another issue however; he feels that the planting of three new trees on that section of street would make a big difference.
Diana Hardina stated that she too is pleased that there will be significant green. She indicated that she is 75% happy.
After hearing no further discussion, a motion was made by John Payne to approve the design with the understanding that the current design for the east side of the street will remain unchanged and the design for the west side of the street will be modified to reflect parking from Cross Street to 36 Main Street and a green verge from 36 Main Street to Grove Street. Parking will be prohibited from 36 Main Street to Grove Street. The project will be put to bid in the central register next week. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Other Business:
Proposed Police Department Relocation - Joe feels as though the Board is going in two many directions as far as the proposed relocation of the police department is concerned. He indicated that he is getting mixed messages as more and more suggestions are being brought forward. He would like an opportunity to sit down and speak to the Chief of Police next week and see what his thoughts are before going any further. After meeting with the Chief, Joe will report back to the Board.

Adjournment: a motion was made by John to adjourn the meeting at 5:15 p.m. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary