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Selectmen Meeting Minutes — August 12, 2008—3:30 p.m. — Memorial Hall

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Robert Manners. Other members present: John Payne and Joe Judd.

Order of Business:
2008 CDBG Grant Application - the Towns of Shelburne and Buckland has been notified that its joint application to the 2008 Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant Program did not get funded. Of the 49 applications received, 20 grant awards were made benefiting 44 communities. Members of the Shelburne and Buckland Board of Selectmen intend to meet jointly with John Ryan, of Breezeway Farm Consulting to learn more about the application's review results. A meeting date has been tentatively set for August 21, 2008 at 7:45 p.m. in Shelburne.

Senior Center Lease RE: Review of Final Document - an agreement has finally been reached by all four member towns, the senior center and the Masons organization. Pending approval by the Ashfield Board of Selectmen on August 18th, the two-year lease will be signed on August 21st. Legal expenses incurred for the negotiation process will be determined and shared by member towns.

Found Dog RE: Related Medical Expenses - on August 3rd a male Cocker Spaniel wearing a red nylon collar was picked up on the Old Greenfield Road. The dog was brought to the Shelburne Falls Veterinary Hospital and was treated for a variety of medical problems. No one has come forth to claim the dog. He has been advertised in the local newspapers and on the town's public access channel. Terry Mosher has been in contact with Dakin Animal Shelter, Linda Rollins and the Cocker Spaniel Rescue League to see if she can find the dog a foster home or permanent placement.

Police Station Site Review Committee RE: Preliminary Findings - the Police Station Site Review Committee was given a dual responsibility; first, to investigate the feasibility of temporarily relocating the police department to a more suitable location and second, to investigate the options available for a permanent relocation of the police department. After having met several times, the Committee has determined that temporarily relocating the Shelburne Police Department to a location other than Memorial Hall would require expenditure of significant town resources. Therefore, the Committee unanimously recommends that the town consolidate the police department within Memorial Hall with minimal investment by moving the police department's back office to the Assessor's office thereby allowing for the connection of the front two rooms for use by the department. The Committee feels that consolidation of the offices will make for a much more efficiently run department until a more permanent solution can be found. Before acting upon the recommendation, Joe will speak with Chief Walker and the Assessors.

Change Order for Mechanic Street Project, CDBG Grant # 00047 - the town has received a copy of the Change Order Proposal from Stantec Engineering for the Mechanic Street sidewalk project. The project will consist of replacing the existing sidewalk from the corner of Bridge to the former Blasberg building, a drainage structure, repaving the street, stone wall repair, as well as repaving and line striping the bank's parking lot. The work will be done in partnership with the Bank of Western Massachusetts who has offered to contribute $75,000 towards their share of the project. A motion was made by John to accept the change order proposal. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

S.F. Military Band RE: August 13th Concert - the S.F. Military Band is seeking permission to perform in front of the Shelburne Senior Center on Wednesday, August 13th and have requested permission to close the street from the corner of Bridge to Cross street so that concert goers can place their chairs in the road. After a brief discussion, the Board decided that because the road is currently under construction, the area is unsafe for such use. In the interest of public safety the request was denied. The Board did suggest that the band contact the library and the Bank of Western Mass to see if the concert could be held in the parking lot near the Senior Center.

Arms Library Roof Update - Joe has been in contact with Kevin Chrobak of Juster Pope Frazier Architects to see what can be done to move the Arms Library Roof Replacement Project along. Mr. Chrobak is recommending that the town hire a roof consultant to view the roof, assess its' condition, and prepare a budget of costs for recommended work. Cost of the assessment is $8,700. Terry Mosher believes that a similar study was performed a few years back when the town allocated $5,000 to the Arms Library for the same analysis. Terry will review the files to see if the town has a copy of that analysis.

CDBG Grant Administration and Oversight - there are presently two grants running concurrently; School Street/Mechanic Street and Main Street. John spoke briefly about the need for better oversight when approving grant-related invoices. As recommended in the most recent audit, all invoices need to be submitted to Breezeway Farm Consulting for review, approval and account coding before they are paid.

Financial Update - John gave a brief update relative to the collection of real estate taxes.
4:40 p.m. Executive Session - a motion was made by Joe to enter into executive session in accordance with M.G.L. 39, section 23b (5). John seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken as follows: Bob - yes; John - yes; Joe - yes.

The Board will not reconvene in open session following the executive session.

Adjournment - a motion was made by John to adjourn the meeting at 5:10 p.m. Joe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary