Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — June 14, 2007—7:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall

Chairman Bob Manners called the meeting to order at 7:02, Joe Judd and John Payne also in attendance;

(Falls Cable cameraman experiencing some difficulty but meeting proceeded anyway.)

Minutes of May 31, 2007: Corrections noted on office copy, moved for approval by Joe, seconded by John; approved unanimously.

Noteworthy News: The Chinese delegation visit was a great success.

Department Liaison Reports:


  • - continues to consider sites for a new police station;
  • - Moose warning sign along Trail with have the phrase, “Next 5 miles” added to it;
  • - Working to raise citizen awareness of increased moose presence in various areas along the Trail;
  • - Bev used new telephone communication system to remind people to vote, very effective;


  • - biweekly vendor payment program has been generally a success;
  • - expect to announce similar biweekly salary schedule next week, effective 10/1/07;


  • - Parking lot behind Keystone market repaved and lined;
  • - Keystone lot paving announced to village residents via new telephone communication system,
  • - Roadside mowing will start next week;
  • - Received no notice from the State about the Rt. 2 paving which started this past week;


7:15 pm - Jeff Johansmeyer introduced Kimberly Hughes, candidate to be the new Cowell Gym Director;  Kim has several ideas for new summer programs including tennis instruction for children, recreational level volleyball in the gym, Spanish classes for young children and maybe a chest club group; Jeff is negotiating with Aubochon’s for fans for the gym during the hot summer months; in response to Joe’s question, Kim indicated the proposed stipend was OK for now, over time, depending on workload and activity level may request a bit more. Jeff asked about mechanics of CORI checks for any counselors or coaches who would be working with children, Joe will follow up;

7:30 pm - Karen Gould expressed appreciation for her sons’ opportunity to participate in the Chinese delegation visit;

7:45 pm - Karen Gould expressed concern that some officials and individuals at the town meeting were not respectful to her; she asked to read excepts from a letter into the Board minutes but the Chairman declined, noting that the letter was between two citizens, and not within the scope of the Board’s work.  Karen also raised the issue of the Agricultural Commission not appointing a representative to the Open Space Committee.  Karen has volunteered to be that representative.  The Select Board declined to intercede at this time but will re-look at the issue if no appointment is made in a timely manner.

Dick Dils received a warning for interrupting the discussion without having been recognized by the Chair.

7:55 pm - Eugene Butler used the remaining time from Karen’s appointment to address the Open Space appointment process.  He noted that all appointments should have been made within 60 days of the formation of the Committee.

8:07 pm - Steve Walker introduced Jeff King as a candidate for Reserve Officer.  Steve has worked with Jeff in the past and was his training officer at one time.  Jeff is well respected by peers, makes the extra effort to communicate clearly, and has exceeded Steve’s performance expectations;

John asked Jeff to discuss his work experience and interest in being a reserve officer; Jeff responded that in his view police officers should present a positive image of the Department, should be approachable by the public and strive to “serve and protect.”

Joe noted that the Police Department has 7 reserve officers not all of whom are on active rotation; the department is considering better ways to utilize those who are less active;

Steve noted that for CORI checks, there are some limits on the amount of checking the Police Department can do for other town department; will discuss further with Joe.

Old Business:

  1. Arms Library – Bob continues to work on a solution;
  2. Senior Center Director – Job description accepted, ready to advertise, estimated cost = $2,000, one candidate already stepped forward;
  3. Senior Center Lease – Discussions begun, complicated because of coordination among 4 towns, senior center staff and The Mason’s (landlord);
  4. Billiel CR – approved by Conservation Commission and ready for SB signatures;
  5. Town Tobacco policy – Bob is drafting a town policy for consideration at the next meeting, policy will likely ban tobacco use of any type by town employees during hours of employment.

New Business:

  1. “Thank you” to Carolyn Wheeler and Robin Logan for sprucing up the flower boxes in front of Town Hall in preparation for the Chinese Delegation visit.
  2. Elaine Hinze suggested building a ramp at the transfer station to ease access to the recycling bins, fine idea, forward to Pete H.
  3. Year end budget transfers, moved by Joe, 2nd by John, passed unanimously (see list):
      1. $30 to Treasurer’s Salary Account,
      2. $800 to Arms Library Maintenance Account,
      3. $77 to Worker’s Compensation Account,
      4. $1,500 to Legal Expense Account;
  4. Temporary Salary Increase – Pete will be out for about 4 weeks, during his absence Mark Shippee will assume supervisory responsibility at a 12 / 2 compensation level; John moved, Joe seconded, approved unanimously;
  5. Appointments: Except for Open Space, BOH chairman, Animal Control / Quarantine and Police Officers, all 2007 appointments were approved unanimously on a motion by Joe, 2nd by John;
  6. All Police Officers were approved on a motion by Joe, 2nd by John; Bob abstained from the vote;
  7. BOH Chairman – John is continuing his COG / BOH review and hopes to have a recommendation in the near future;
  8. Animal Control, Animal Quarantine – Joe wishes to have a conversation with Jeff Thompson and expect to have a recommendation for the next Selectboard meeting;
  9. Open Space – the Selectboard received a letter from the Open Space Committee requesting that new appointments for the 6 vacant positions be delayed until after the All Board’s meeting.  Larry Flaccus, Open Space Chairman was invited to expand on the letter; he noted that the Open Space Committee was unable to agree on a process for considering candidates, but delaying recommendations until after the All Board’s meeting received broad support from committee members and several candidates; members of the public provided varying views but no clear consensus; in the absences of recommendations from the Open Space Committee, Joe and Bob preferred to move forward with the appointments, John agreed to follow their lead; after discussion, on a motion by John, 2nd by Joe, the follow were unanimously appointed to varying terms expiring as noted:
      1. 2008: Jim Gamache, Joel Dwight, Rita Jaros; Norman Davenport (Con Com,) Norman Beebe (Rec Com);
      2. 2009: David Patrick, David Schochet, Linda Herrera
      3. 2010: Christine Baronas, Cynthia Boettner (re-appointments)

John stated that he will be resigning from his position as the Planning Board representative to Open Space Committee and the Planning Board will be recommending a new representative to the Selectboard shortly. 

Dick Dils received a second warning for interrupting without being recognized by the Chair;

  • Summer Schedule – will be considered at next meeting;
  • Paul Poulin requested use of Little Mohawk Ball Park for family reunion on 6/23, approved;
  • All Boards meeting to consider procedural issues, appointment process, minute taking, fees for obtaining minutes and other related issues – July 18th, 6:00 pm for pizza, 6:30 for meeting;

Correspondence – Selectmen’s Association Quarterly Meeting conflicts with Selectboard 6/28/07 meeting;

Public Comment:

  1. Jodi Lewandowski expressed extreme distress at a Police Officer for chewing and spitting tobacco during a traffic stop; unseemly, also concerned that Officer may have contagious disease; Joe and John both voiced deep concern over the incident, indicated the SB is evaluating current policy and will likely revisit it to prohibit any tobacco use while on duty; Jodi may write to SB’s at nearby towns to suggest same policy change;
  2. Dick Dils asked why the BOH Chair was not being reappointed along with all other appointees; John explained that he is still evaluating BOH / COG issues and hopes to have a recommendation in near future;
  3. Chris Davenport strongly urged the Selectboard to appoint the Ag Commission representative to the Open Space Committee now; he recommended Karen Gould for the position; Joe responded that the Selectboard is still waiting for a recommendation from the Ag Commission but if one is not received in the near future, he will ask the Selectboard to make an appropriate appointment.

Minutes prepared by JAP