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Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — October 30, 2007—4:00 p.m. — Memorial Hall

Call to Order: the meeting was called to order by Chairman Judd at 4:00 p.m.  Other members present: John Payne and Robert Manners.

Executive Session:
A motion was made by John to enter into executive session for the purpose of considering the discipline or dismissal of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against an employee.  The motion was seconded by Bob.  Chairman, Joe Judd announced that the Board would reconvene in open session following the executive session.  A roll call vote was taken as follows: Joe – yes; Bob – yes and John – yes.

The Board reconvened in open session at 5:10 p.m.

Other Business:

Main Street Reconstruction RE: Award of Engineering & Design Services Contract – Three proposals were received from engineering firms as a result of Shelburne’s request for proposals for the Main Street project.  The firms were: Stantec Consulting of Northampton, MA; Weston & Sampson from Peabody, MA; and Stevens & Associates from Brattleboro, Vt.  Pete Hillman, Terry Mosher, Bob Manners and John Ryan reviewed and evaluated each proposals.  Terry, Bob and Pete interviewed each firm and Breezeway Farm Consulting conducted the reference checks.  A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each firm.  The consensus of the review committee; although not unanimous was to offer the contract to Weston & Samson.  Joe was sensitive to the issue of loyalty noting the longstanding relationship the town has had with Stantec Consulting along with the overall quality of their work.  Setting loyalty aside, both John and Bob agreed that the information presented was overwhelmingly in favor of Weston & Sampson and it is the responsibility of the town to choose the best firm.  A motion was made by Bob to award the engineering and design contract to Weston & Sampson.  John seconded the motion.  The motion passed in a two to one vote:  Bob and John in favor; Joe opposed.

Apex Orchard Lease Renewal – the town’s lease with Apex Orchard is due to expire in early November.  Joe recommended that the Board renew the lease for a five year term.  This will represent the second lease renewal since the town purchased the property in 1997.  Pete Hillman will discuss minor changes with the lessee before the document is brought before both parties for signature.  No further action taken.

Contract for Legal Services RE: Cable Contract Negotiations – John presented a revised legal service retainer for Attorney William August who has been selected to assist the towns of Buckland and Shelburne with the Comcast cable television license renewal proceedings and negotiations.  John reviewed the minor revisions relative to payment for services and found the document to be in order.  John made a motion to accept the agreement as presented.  Motion seconded by Bob.  Motion carried unanimously.

Arms Library – Bob met with Town Counsel this week with the hopes setting the wheels in motion to better clarify the relationship between the town and the Board of Trustees as well as determine the responsibilities of each party in terms of ownership and maintenance of the library building.  The first step will be to evaluate the deed, and then locate the trust documents to determine whether or not the money allocated is being spent in accordance with the trust provisions.

Shelburne Falls Fire District RE: School Street Project - the Board of Selectmen received a letter of concern from the Water Commissioners concerning the “apparent lack of expertise” of the workers on the current School Street project.  The letter states that the contractors have been difficult to work with, have not stuck to the hours of operation and have broken many water services on the street.  As a result, the problems have proven to be costly for the District.  Terry Mosher stated that a representative of the Water Department has attended the construction meetings and there has been no mention of water-related concerns.  The letter has been forwarded to both Breezeway Farm and Stantec Consulting with the hopes that the matter will be addressed.

Adjournment: a motion was made by Bob to adjourn the meeting at 5:55 p.m.  The motion was seconded by John.  Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Mosher
Executive Secretary