Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  2. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

—March 14, 2011

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM Joe Mattei, Marvin Peck, & Jim Richardson present

2. Joe Mattei was asked about running for Re-election -- no decision yet

3. Reviewed mail:

  • Memorial Hall March Calendar
  • February Building Permits
  • February Deeds
  • Warren Group weekly Foreclosures -- (if any)
  • IGR 11-205 FY2012 Social Security Deduction (Worker =$4,158, Spouse = $2,079)
  • IGR 11-207 Land of Low Value Valuation Limit $19,450
  • DOR Bulletin 2001-03B Budget Issues
  • DOR Bulletin 2001-02B Local Option Personal Exemptions
  • CSC Tech Talk
  • City & Town

4. Signed February 28 meeting minutes

5. Signed 7 Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

6. Signed 2 Real Estate Abatements for backland off Frankton road

7. Signed Monthly Reports for February

8. Reviewed letter to David Patrick regarding acreage for lot 4 on map 31 owned by the Shelburne Falls Fire District -- assessors will have Cartographic take a look at old deed and map next year

Reviewed letter to Rebecca Knox regarding size of her lot at 111 Bridge Street -- Cartographic determined that correct size is 33,000 square feet, not 22,000 as shown on map

Reviewed Property card for 97 Lucy Fiske Rd - house and sheds removed for FY2012 due to fire in 2010

Even though we only had one Condo Sale Roy Bishop stated that we will have to adjust condominium valuations by 5% for FY2012

It was decided to use our valuations for Wireless companies, which are higher than their Forms of List

Property cards for some lots on Map 30, Frankton road & Patten road, need to be neighborhood 2, not 1; lots 8 & 12 need to be changed to residual land only, no frontage on town road, frontage is in Colrain

9. Discussed land valuation for Dragon Hill Condominiums -- it was decided to update their land valuations using our current revaluation land schedule -- each Condo owner has a 5.6% interest in the total land area

10. Wheeler might buy Samoriski property on Little Mohawk road -- Board of Health was wondering if there would be any problems if the house was rented out as a vacation farm house. The Board could not think of any problems.

11. It was noted that 2 buildings previously used as labor camps are being rented out. One is located on Peckville road and one is on Colrain-Shelburne road (previously Mohawk Orchards- now Hagers Farm).

Both properties are under APR, so might be an issue with their current uses. The Board will have to visit properties to make a determination and review actual restrictions under respective APRs.

12. Assistant will begin scheduling house visits in order to act on 4 abatement applications

  • Stachelczyk/Budrewicz -- (two family)16 Maple St - April 25 @ 5:30-6:00
  • Noreen Martin -- (two family) 123 Main St.
  • Sarah Hannigan -- 247 Barnard Rd. (was Kingsbury/Peters)
  • Mieke Geffen -- (decks) - 778 Mohawk Trail -- will wait for spring thaw

13. Next meeting is March 28 Adjourned Meeting @ 6:45 PM

James T. Richardson, Chairman
Joseph P. Mattei
Marvin C. Peck