Upcoming Meetings

    —February28, 2011

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:05PM Marvin Peck, Joe Mattei, & Jim Richardson present

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • 3ABC Forms -- New England Forestry & Franklin Land Trust
    • DLS David Davies -- CSC System planning on converting to the Internet -- "Cloud Computing" -- all data & files stored on super computer by the Internet company -- no hard drive or CDs in office
    • Warren Group weekly Foreclosures
    • Cartographic President Retiring

    3. Signed Previous meeting minutes 1/24

    4. Signed (11) Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

    5. Signed (2) Real Estate abatement certificates

    6. Signed (4) Abatement denials

    7. Discussed Old Business

    • Review of Forms of List -- (tabled to later date)
    • David Patrick would like a letter confirming that our maps currently show less land than is in the Patten Hill Farm Trust -- number of acres needs to be increased per his Forest Plan, but a Forest Plan is not a legal survey
      Fire District Lot 4 might only be 8 acres per old deed -- we might have to adjust lot size from 28.5 acres to 8.0 acres (old deed only has one measurement)
      Board will send the deed to Cartographic for next year's map updates in order to see if they can re-plot lot 4 on map 31 for a more accurate acreage
    • Land of Low Value -- The Board decided that we should not manipulate property values in order to reduce tax title properties. The town needs to go through Land Court if they want to foreclose on them
      379 Main St. - Steve Miskolczi - house
      375 Main St. -- Leon Knapp - house
      Brook Road -- Richard Parsons (8 acres)
      Mohawk Trail -- Fuhrman - unknown (24 acres)

    8. Discussed New Business

    • The Board decided to remove all structures at 97 Lucy Fiske Road for Fy2012, since the house burned down last year and shed of little or no value
    • Sales indicate that Condos & Two Family need to be reduced by 5% for FY2012 -- we only had one Condo sale on Dragon Hill -- needs further review with Roy Bishop
    • Reviewed certified copy from town clerk of Special Town meeting Appropriations

    9. Next meeting March 14

    10. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:50 PM

    James T. Richardson, Chairman
    Joseph P. Mattei
    Marvin C. Peck