Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  2. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

—October 24, 2011

Property Inspections prior to meeting @ 5 Maple St. - Renovations 3 Bridge St. - flood damage

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:05PM Joe Mattei, Marvin Peck, & Jim Richardson present

2. Reviewed mail:

  • Received date for Appellate Tax Board Hearings for Gitsis Realty, LLC,
    Tuesday November 29 in Springfield @ 9:30AM - It was decided that the assessors would
    meet with Kevin Parsons to discuss abatement requests on both properties at November 14 meeting
  • The Annual Meeting of Franklin County Assessors Association is on Thursday November 10 - Joe Mattei will not attend since the town does not pay for these dinners; Marvin & Jim will pay for their own dinners

3. Fred Field presented information about Mt. Massaemet Wind Farm Project. Lease agreement is for 20 years. His main concern is reaching an agreement with the assessors & town regarding payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs). The towns of Florida & Hancock have reached PILOT agreements with the corporations for their Wind Power projects, and he hopes that Shelburne would do the same for his project. He is proposing a yearly payment in lieu of taxes based on the name plate capacity of the wind turbines multiplied by $9,000. The name plate capacity is the potential MW of the wind turbine; which in this case is 2.5MW for each of the 8 turbines, for a total of 20MW. Thus the annual PILOT payment would be $180,000. This differs from the PILOT agreement in Florida because the payment there is based on the actual use capacity of the wind turbines each year. In some years that might only be 30%. So the total MW capacity would only be 6MW, and consequently the payment would be lowered significantly to $54,000. Mr. Field stated that the project can be depreciated over five years for income tax purposes and that the project would be significantly depreciated for real estate tax purposes as well, thus reducing the actual taxes due to the town each year.

He would like a decision from the Board regarding the likelihood of a PILOT agreement with the town, before his meeting with the ZBA on November 17. The assessors said they could meet again with him on November 14, but after Mr. Field left the meeting it was noted that they probably would not have a definitive answer regarding the proposal until they had reviewed everything.

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

5. Signed Chapter 61A Lien for Wheeler - it will be under APR when approved by state - It was decided that the number of acres for parcel 5 is 61. Jim Richardson stated the maps are boss for our records, until a survey is done. The deed states the parcel has 87 acres more or less. There is only a survey plan for the 2.0 acre lot that has a house situated there. A new 2.0 acre parcel # 5.1 will be created for FY2013.

6. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

7. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Warrant - 2011 #5 = $5,802.49

8. Signed Monthly reports for September

9. New Business

  • Reviewed letter to Selectboard for Tax Classification Hearing FY2012 to be held tonight at 7:45 PM - estimated tax rate to be $12.78 (12 cent increase from last year)
  • Approved & Signed LA-4 & LA-13 DOR & Tax Recap Forms for Town & Fire District
  • It was noted by the assistant that Roy Bishop recommended that we not to agree to Pilot payments for Wind Turbines - he did a comparison for Warren, Mass Wind Project - he charged the town $400
  • Reviewed & signed FY2012 Map Maintenance Proposal0 form Cartographic Associates, Inc.
    Cost is the same as last year $780
  • The assistant found an old plan for Prudence Wholey's land, which shows a portion of her land as excluded from APR. It was decided to create a new lot for this portion of her land.
  • Process & Sign Chapter Applications - Passed over
  • It was not determined who owns lot 39 on map 17. Map Shows triangular piece of land at the intersection of Old Village Road & Little Mohawk Road, which does not exist now. Assistant will do more research on this

10. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:10PM

Joseph P. Mattei, Chairman
James T. Richardson
Marvin C. Peck