Upcoming Meetings

  1. Zoning Board of Appeals MeetingThu, May 31 07:00 pm

—April 11, 2011

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM Joe Mattei, Marvin Peck present - Jim Richardson came in at 6:05PM

2. Reviewed mail:
o CSC Ballot Proposals - #1 Upgrade Real Estate Information System(RPIS) 3.0 to 3.1 - $5,000
#2 Convert the Oracle database to Microsoft SQL Server - $90,000 - votes due by April 22 --
Assessors decided not to vote until we determine if there will be a cost to the town - the money is taken from the assessing tier fund

3. Approved & signed March 14 & March 28 meeting minutes

4. Signed 5 Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

5. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise commitment - 2011 #2 = $17,543.79

6. Signed Monthly Reports for March

7. Signed Bills payable -- Arizona Battery & Registry of Deeds = $32.53 new battery received for backup power for computer

8. Approved & signed Real Estate abatement for property at 48 Mechanic street due to March 23 house fire 4th quarter tax bill amount abated

9. Discuss any Old Business

  • 685 Patten Road -- building permit for house demo in 2003?-- it was determined that there was another small dwelling on property that was torn down
  • Map 30 house in Colrain with 1.6 acres, plus 1.93 acres of land in Shelburne --lot is not on map -- sent letter for clarification to James Billiel; responded that he still owns that land -- a new lot needs to be created for FY2012 -- to be valued as backland -- no frontage on town road Map 30 lot 11 is not drawn correctly on our map -- to be valued as backland -- no frontage on town road There is a right of way off Patten Hill road to both Billiel house lots, where the houses are in Colrain -- Tax maps will be updated 1/1/2012
  • Changed lots 7 thru 12 on Map 30, off Frankton road & Patten road to neighborhood 2 (Rural)-- previously in NBHD 1 (Village)
    o Dragon Hill Condos -- new land valuation will increase from 6,300 to 11,300 for FY2012 -- valuations will still need to be reduced by 5 -- 8% due to sales data
  • Chapter Land Management Plans expired/expiring:
    George Dole came in on 3/28 with plan - told him he needs to send to DEM for signatures
    Signed letter to Cohn, 16D/13 -- notifying owner that plan has expired & requesting status of new plan for this year -- the board hopes the land will remain in Chapter

10. New Business

  • Map 29 lot 5 not drawn correctly per plan - Tax maps will be updated 1/1/2012
  • Map 28 lot 20.3 should a building lot be on this lot? No - migrant workers still use dormitory
  • Chapter Land application - acres to classify as orchard? 15 acres of orchard - rest of orchard gone - McAllister

11. Assistant called to make appointments for house visits on April 25 -- no responses yet

12. Next meeting April 25

13. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:50PM

James T. Richardson, Chairman
Joseph P. Mattei
Marvin C. Peck