Upcoming Meetings

    —August 8, 2011

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:05PM Jim Richardson, Joe Mattei, & Marvin Peck present

    2. Election of new chairman - Marvin nominated Joe Mattei, Jim Richardson seconded, Unanimously agreed upon

    3. Reviewed mail

    4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

    5. Employee Evaluation Forms - assessors took home to complete - to be discussed at next meeting

    6. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise abatements

    7. Signed Monthly Reports for July

    8. Preliminary Tax Rate was estimated @$12.78, which is a 12 cent increase, due to increase in raise & appropriate amount of $32,821

    9. Old Business

    • AT&T - New Cingular Wireless - Settlement offer of ATB Appeals - other towns have agreed to settlement per Roy Bishop - recommends that we accept the offer -
      DOR sent notice that they have not endorsed any depreciation schedule for wireless companies. DOR will not present any affirmative evidence in appeals & will not present valuation opinion evidence in appeals. According to Lee from Conway, Kevin Snow of AT&T has stated that the other cell providers have also accepted this schedule. Mayflower/Patriot does use it, so Sunderland has agreed to the settlement.
      Unanimously agreed to accept settlement proposal - All pending tax appeals relating to personal property will be dropped by New Cingular and assessors agree to use the depreciation schedule submitted by AT&T for FY2012
    • Reviewed new Valuations for Inspected properties - most were approved by assessors except the house renovations at 38 Bardwells Ferry Road - significant updates have increased the value by at least $100,000
      Reduced valuation of house that burned on Mechanic Street to residual value of $20,000 - Land value of house lot not changed
    • Reviewed some Personal Property Accounts without submitted Forms of List - decided to adjust values by 25 percent
    • Jim Richardson stated that we need to visit the Ashfield Stone site in order to determine a partial value for the commercial building under construction for FY2012 - assistant instructed to set up appointment for next meeting night

    10. New Business

    • Reviewed LA-3 Sales Report & signed LA-15 Interim Year Adjustment Report - Condos reduced by 4.2% due to one sale which was out of acceptable range of median ratios
    • Noted that Chapter Applications to be mailed out this month

    11. Next meeting August 22

    12. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:56PM

    Joseph P. Mattei, Chairman
    James T. Richardson
    Marvin C. Peck