Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—July 12, 2010

1. Call meeting to order @ 6:02PM Marvin Peck & Jim Richardson present

2. Passed over election of new chairman for FY2011 until all assessors are present

3. Reviewed mail:

  • Memo -- Front door will be open so residents can view meeting notices & agendas --must post Agenda at least 48 hours before meeting -- to be given to Town Clerk to post
  • June Building Permits
  • Foreclosure Notice 10 Maple St. (Dils estate)
  • Deed
  • ZBA Request for Abutter lists for 68 Main St & 41 Water St
  • Estimated Cherry Sheets
  • Property List Request
  • Revenue Forecast FY2011
  • End of Year Bill paying procedures
  • Annual Town Meeting Certification of Appropriations
  • Current City & Town

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

5. Signed Real Estate & Personal Property Warrants for Preliminary taxes:

Town RE = $ 1,348,372.28 PP = $ 86,738.30
Fire Dist RE = $ 69,773.92 PP = $ 6,594.32

6. Signed Monthly Reports

7. Signed Utility letter to DOR accepting net book value for:

WMECO = $ 3,310,713 NEP = $ 3,022,318

8. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements

9. Discussed questions from FRCOG about regionalization of assessors' services. The board is not interested in regionalizing inspection services. They want to personally inspect properties with building permits and properties that have been sold. They are not interested in having these services going out to bid and done by a single entity. They would be interested in sharing valuation of utilities and dams. They might be interested in regionalizing revaluation services if the cost is lower than our current cost. They have reservations concerning loss of local oversight and control of assessments, as well as loss of part-time jobs that are desirable for some people.

10. Discussed Kevin Parson's letter regarding Gitsis bank valuation -- Roy Bishop is going to look at commercial properties in town

11. Reviewed Site Plan for Vipassana Center -- discussed letter to be sent to them regarding a more reasonable PILOT payment. Need to determine an amount based on services that are used by the center such as Fire, Police, and Highway services. The board instructed the assistant to contact other towns with similar exempt properties to see if they are receiving PILOT payments from some of the private schools and how they determine the amount of tax.

12. Reviewed DOR list of properties in Data Quality study that need possible corrections -- Bruce has gone out to view these and will update computer files

13. Reviewed Roy Bishop's Revaluation proposals for valuation updates and agreed to lower the valuations on most properties in town. The valuations for single family houses will probably be reduced by about 3% for most of them. They agreed to change the neighborhood number for Halligan Avenue. They agreed to institute a single 2 acre lot value for developed and undeveloped lots where the only difference will be due to the neighborhood. The reason for this is that the state no longer wants separate values for developed and undeveloped lots.
They feel that the improvements to a site should be included in the house value.

14. Next Meeting July 26. Bruce is on vacation next week July 19-21

15. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:55 PM

Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
Joseph P. Mattei