Upcoming Meetings

    —September 13, 2010

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM -- Joseph Mattei & Marvin Peck present

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • Deeds
    • Current City & Town Newsletter
    • Small Business List

    3. Signed Previous meeting minutes

    4. Signed Monthly Reports for August & Revised Reports for June

    5. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements

    6. Joe Barbieri from the DOR & Roy Bishop were here Monday August 30th to pick up & review Roy Bishop's data for Revaluation -- needed signatures on LA3 cover letter, which assistant then faxed to DOR -- our data has been submitted to Boston and the LA3 has been approved

    7. Discussed Old Business -- Joe Mattei, along with Joe Judd, Jim Hawkins & Deb Coutinho, went to Mieke Geffen's property at 778 Mohawk Trail to look at structures -- she won't allow entire board to measure her decks -- it was decided that assessors act as a complete board so just 2 members won't go to measure decks --
    Joe Mattei stated that her fence seems to be on state highway land -- looked at plan for her property

    8. Discussed New Business

    • Boat List from Mass Environmental Police -- disposition tabled until all members are present
    • Review & Sign Chapter applications - disposition tabled until all members are present
    • Reviewed Proposed Land Schedule from Roy Bishop -- major change was the elimination of value for primary sites -- they are now valued the same as undeveloped sites, which was mandated by the state
    • Map Updates -- Cartographic wanted to know if there would be any updates this year -- decided that updates will be done in December of this year -- we have $500 in the budget for this service
    • Letter received from Massachusetts Audubon Society declining assessors' request for a payment in lieu of taxes from them

    9. Next Meeting September 27

    10. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:35 PM

    Joseph P. Mattei
    Marvin C. Peck