Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pmAgenda link
  2. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pm
  3. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—July 26, 2010

1. Call meeting to order @ 6:02PM -- Marvin Peck & Jim Richardson present

2. Elect new chairman for FY2011 -- tabled until all are present

3. Reviewed mail:

  • Verizon Notice of ATB filing with tax payment
  • 90 main Street Sales Verification
  • 7/22 -- City & Town

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

5. Discussed whether the Selectboard will approve paying for meals at Annual Summer meeting August 18 @ Buckland Recreational Area -- catered by Down East Clambakes -- total cost is $105. Marvin & Jim undecided about attending if they have to pay. Joe Mattei is definitely not going if he has to pay for own meal. The Board instructed the assistant to send a formal request to the selectboard, as suggested by Joe Judd.

6. Signed Chapter 61A Certificate for Renewal & application -- Gribbell

7. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Commitment 2010 # 4 = $7,625.04

8. Discussion of Roy Bishop's Revaluation proposals for valuation updates tabled until completed -- Bruce to check and see when Roy is coming again

9. Discussed Ms. Geffen's concerns about her valuations for decks being too high, since only one has been completed so far. The assistant informed her that we were not allowed to enter fenced in area in order to measure the deck and consequently both decks were added from building permit information. Bruce set up appointment to revisit August 9 @ 5:45 PM, but she did not want Jim to come, because of some issue on last visit. It was decided that the Board acts together as one and needs to review her property as a complete Board, not just 2 assessors of her choosing. The assistant will send letter to Ms. Geffen informing her that the entire board needs to visit her property.

10. Discussed need to meet with Vipassana Center regarding PILOT payment
The Board wants to have a letter sent to the Select Board requesting their approval to pursue this issue. They would like to set up a meeting with the Center in order to reach an agreement on the amount of PILOT payment that would be fair for both the Center and the Town. Jim Richardson stated that at a meeting long ago with them, their representative stated that they would pay their fair share in taxes. However, the payments are very meager, considering the past improvements and improvements that are in process.

The assistant checked with other towns to see how they handle similar situations and this was the feedback received from them:

  • Gill -- Northfield Mount Hermon -- not done as pilot -- informal request by Selectboard
    One facility for the Disabled makes a PILOT payment
  • Deerfield - private schools -- the selectboard sends letter stating what taxes would be if taxable & the town's needs for the year
  • Greenfield -- Mayor is handling PILOT payment requests -- only collect from 1 agency

11. Joe came in earlier to sign Utility letter to DOR accepting net book value for:
WMECO = $ 3,310,713 NEP = $ 3,022,318

12. Next Meeting August 9

13. Adjourn Meeting @ 6:25PM

Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
James T. Richardson