Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—October 25, 2010

1. Called meeting to order @ 5:55PM Jim Richardson & Marvin Peck present

2. Franklin County Assessors Association Fall Dinner Meeting & Election of officers is on Thursday November 4 at 5:30 PM at the Whately Inn -- it was decided that Jim & Marvin would go to the dinner meeting and pay for their own dinners, Joe Mattei emailed that he was not attending the meeting

3. Reviewed mail:

  • Building Permits - September
  • Memo from Selectboard RE; Multiple meetings
  • CSC Tech Talk
  • Sales Verification
  • Deeds
  • IGR 10-208 -- Municipal Tax Amnesty Program

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

5. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements

6. Signed Monthly Reports -- September

7. Signed Tax recap & related forms -- assistant will submit data when new growth is approved this week -- LA-13 was submitted last week

8. There was no Old Business to discuss

9. Discuss any New Business

  • Tax Classification Hearing on November 8 @ 7:15PM -- assessors signed letter to selectmen recommending the adoption of a single tax rate for FY2011
  • Received Final Certification of values from the state on 10/20/2010 -- it was determined that we did not need to send impact notices to people who live out of town
  • Passed over Reviewing & Signing Chapter applications until full board is present

10. Next Meeting is on November 8

11. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:30PM

James T. Richardson, Chairman
Marvin C. Peck