Upcoming Meetings

  1. Zoning Board of Appeals MeetingThu, May 31 07:00 pm

—November 8, 2010

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM Jim Richardson, Joe Mattei, & Marvin Peck present

2. Reviewed mail:

  • Building Permits -- October
  • October Deeds - none
  • Memorial Hall Meeting calendar -- November
  • Assessors Staff - Wages & Benefits Information -- Franklin County
  • City & Town -- October 28, November 4
  • Warren Report Foreclosures
  • Letter from Local Building Inspector at FCCIP Requesting Assessors' Records
  • Grove Street Community Block Grant Meetings Notice

3. Signed Previous meeting minutes

4. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements - 3

5. Signed Monthly Reports for October

6. Signed Bills Payable -- CAMA yearly dues $1,800

7. Tax recap has been submitted electronically except LA-5 which needs to be signed by selectmen after tax classification hearing tonight -- assistant will submit LA-5, copy of newspaper notice and explanation of Miscellaneous receipts on Recap page 3 tomorrow

If approved by the DOR the tax rate for the town will be the same as last year =$12.68
The Fire District tax rate will increase by 7 cents to $1.05

8. Discuss any Old Business

  • Tax Classification Hearing is tonight November 8 @ 7:15PM
  • Reviewed & Signed remaining Chapter applications FY2012

9. Discuss any New Business

  • Marianne Dwight of 266A Old Greenfield is Demolishing old building - assistant told her she needs a permit
  • Cartographics will send Proposal for Map updates -- estimate of changes sent to them is $780 - it was decided to have all updates completed, since we did not have any done for FY2010

10. Next meeting November 22

11. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:00PM

James T. Richardson, Chairman
Joseph P. Mattei
Marvin C. Peck