Upcoming Meetings

  1. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—March 9, 2009

1. Call meeting to order @ 6:05PM James Richardson, Joseph Mattei, & Marvin Peck present

2. Reviewed mail:

  • City & Town - January/February
  • MAAO Newsletter - February
  • Deeds/Plan
  • Forms of List - T-Mobile (Omnipoint), First Student
  • NEC Financial Services form of list for Mohawk Regional School- sent to town of Buckland

3. Signed Previous meeting minutes

4. Signed Registry of Deeds' bill

5. Signed February Monthly Reports of Motor Vehicle Abatements and Exemptions

6. Signed Motor Vehicle excise abatements

7. Farm Animal and Machinery Excise Bulletin - Referendum needs to be placed on the
Election ballot in June - Selectboard will vote to place question on the ballot at their next meeting on Tuesday, March 10th - they must approve by a two-thirds vote of the board -then the question will be given to the Town Clerk in order to place on the ballot in June - the referendum will be approved if a majority of the people vote "yes" on the question

"Shall the town of Shelburne cease assessing the excise imposed under General Laws Chapter 59, Section 8A on certain animals, machinery and equipment owned by individuals and non-corporate entities principally engaged in agriculture?"
Yes___ No___

8. Spending freeze on our expense account to be lifted after March 19th Special Town Meeting, assuming voter approval - the balance remaining in our budget will be reduced by 10% - $198
for FY2009

9. The Sewall Company that has been updating our maps gave an estimated proposal for this year of $675

Cartographic Associates, Inc. sent a proposal of $525. They will scan our current maps and provide the assessors with digital tax map images that can be viewed and printed from our computer. We can also post them on our website for public viewing. The board unanimously voted to hire Cartographic Associates to maintain our maps.

10. Reviewed Abatement Applications - The board signed the denials & will sign approvals at the next meeting, after the new assessment cards are completed by the assistant.
The assistant will set up times for visits to the three other properties. Board will meet at the
first house at 5:00PM on March 23rd

11. Next meeting March 23rd

12. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:55PM

James T. Richardson

Joseph P. Mattei

Marvin C. Peck