Upcoming Meetings

    —November 9, 2009

    1. Call meeting to order @ 6:00PM Marvin Peck, Joseph Mattei, & James Richardson present

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • Right of First Refusal Policy from Selectboard
    • September Building Permits
    • Deeds
    • Point Software Notice for FY2010 Tax File Submission
    • Approval letter from Mass. Supervisor of Public Records -- Assistant can dispose some old records
    • Revised Cherry Sheet Estimated Receipts -- $104 cut to Library aid
    • List of Outstanding Sewer Use Bills for inclusion on FY2010 Real Estate Bills
    • CAMA Tech Talk - November

    3. Signed Previous meeting minutes -- 9/28/09 & 10/26/09

    4. Signed Bill Schedule: Franklin County Assessors Association Annual Fall Meeting
    November 19 at the Whately Inn $108
    Registry of Deeds -- October $17

    5. Signed Motor Vehicle Abatements

    6. Signed Monthly Report for October

    7. Signed Warrant for Sewer Liens FY2010

    8. Signed Recap Forms for Town: A2 - Enterprise Funds, A3 - Revolving Funds

    9. Signed Recap Forms for Fire District: LA4 -- Valuation Totals, OL1 -- Overlay, RECAP Pg. 1 Review associated forms from Dick Baker -- What is Assessors' expense line at annual District meeting? -- will ask Dick Baker

    10. Signed Chapter Land Denials & Discussed issues with the farm income section on a couple of applications

    11. Began approving & signing Chapter Applications - will continue at next meeting

    12. Completed Employee Evaluations for Assistant -- Bruce will deliver to Selectmen's office tomorrow, November 10

    13. Terry suggested that the assistant hand out building permits to insure that we receive a set of plans for new houses & additions

    14. Discussed the memorandum from Terry Mosher regarding the Mandatory Education & Training Requirements for assessors & assistant regarding the Conflict of Interest Law -- an online test must be completed by April of 2010 & the confirmation sheet must be given to the Town Clerk

    15. Marvin will attend the Tax Classification Hearing tonight at 7:15 to confirm a single tax rate for all classes of property

    16. Next Meeting: November 23

    17. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:07 PM

    Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
    Joseph P. Mattei
    James T. Richardson