Upcoming Meetings

    —February 23, 2009

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:05PM , James Richardson, Joseph Mattei, & Marvin Peck present

    2. Ray Hartman - 6:05PM - met with the board regarding the assessment of his new house - the issues were discussed and the board will notify him of their decision

    3. Nina Leone - 6:20 PM - met with the board regarding the assessment of her Dragon Hill condo-she had a large increase in 2009 - Board gave their reason: There was an interim year adjustment made on all condos per state guidelines - valuations were increased by about 26 % due to higher 2007 sales figures

    4. Reviewed mail:

    Appropriation certification Special Town Meeting Feb. 5th

    • Building permit SBA Properties - Cooperlane Rd.
    • Revaluation Certification Workshop - @GCC March 2nd 10:00 - noon
    • Local Aid Cuts FY2009 & Estimated Cherry Sheet amounts FY2010
    • FRCOG Membership Assessments Reduced by 10% FY2009 & FY2010
    • January Building Permits/COs

    5. Signed Previous meeting minutes February 9th (also January 26th)

    6. Signed Warrants for Motor Vehicle Excise 2008 # 7 ( $1,277.82 )
    2009 #1 ($129,747.50) #2 ($22,197.20)

    7. Signed January Monthly Reports of Motor Vehicle Abatements and Exemptions

    8. Signed Exemption applications & certificates

    9. Signed Motor Vehicle abatements

    10. Discussed the request to extend the due date for the Form of List for New Cingular Wireless - the board agreed to extend filing date to June 1st for this fiscal year only - Their company needs additional time to set up the new form of list on their computers

    11. Reviewed the recommended Chapter land values for FY2010 - the value of forest land has decreased from $173 an acre to $98 west of the Connecticut River- the board decided to adopt the average values for Chapter Land as has been done in the past

    12. The spending freeze will be lifted after the Special Town Meeting on March 19th , if residents approve of the new decreased budgets for FY2009
    Sewall proposal for map updates was an estimate of $675
    Cartographics will send written proposal - verbally estimated at $600 -
    Franco Rossi will meet with board if necessary

    13. Question of three additional lots possibly owned by The Quinnehtuk Company leading to Wilcox Hollow - Deeds were found from 1974 for these parcels after talking to forester from Connecticut - we will need to have bills sent to them on the omitted parcels -
    a letter has been sent to them regarding this issue

    14. Discussed issues with the maps regarding

    1. No boundary line between lots 11 & 13 on Map 16
    2. No Lot 2.1 on Map 14 - Tri-State Mutual Aid Association -
      should it be lot 17.1 on Map 10?
    3. Lots 9.1 & 9.2 on map 31 - only hand drawn lots on our map

    15. The board will go out in the field and look at necessary properties that are requesting abatements after time changes to daylight savings, which is early this year - March 8th
    The owners state that the houses are still not finished completely yet

    16. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:20PM Next meeting March 9th

    James T. Richardson

    Joseph P. Mattei

    Marvin C. Peck