Upcoming Meetings

    —November 23, 2009

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:00PM Marvin Peck, Joseph Mattei, & James Richardson present

    2. Reviewed mail:
    Letter from Select Board regarding Budget Reductions letter sent to Select Board stating that we might be able to skip map updates this year since there are no lot splits at this time --
    The Board discussed having to pay for their own dinners at the Franklin County Assessors' Association meeting last week -- the Board did not think that it was appropriate for the Select Board to not approve the bill, since it was already in our budget -- Jim will call Marion Scott to see if we can have a picnic for summer meeting

    October Building Permits
    Highland Happenings
    Sales Verifications
    DOR Tax Rate Approval letter for Town Tax Rate = $12.68 (0.28 increase)
    DOR Tax Rate Approval letter for Fire District Tax Rate = $0.98 (0.11 increase)
    Public Hearing Notice for 2010 Community Development Strategy
    DOR Letter Re: Wireless Depreciation Tables
    AT&T (New Cingular Wireless) revised Form of List
    Business Certificates

    3. Signed Previous meeting minutes -- 11/9/09

    4. Signed Bill Schedule: Staples $62.15

    5. Signed LA5 for Fire District

    6. Discussed whether or not assistant should be handing out building permits, since we are not receiving plans for new houses & additions -- the Board decided that he should not be involved with them since it is not our responsibility - he is only part time and most permits are not for new houses - he is also unsure of the process for handling money collections -- a formal letter to be sent to Select Board

    7. Reviewed & Signed Chapter Applications -- two issues -- assistant to send letters to owners requesting additional information -- one is under APR but lists all land as non-productive -- must have some agricultural use -- one is under 61A -- with all productive woodland, but there is no gross sales amount or value of sugar bush

    8. Next Meeting: December 14 -- Joe Mattei made a motion to cancel December 28 meeting, since it was around Christmas time, Jim Richardson seconded and passed unanimously

    9. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:50 PM

    Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
    Joseph P. Mattei
    James T. Richardson