Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pmAgenda link
  2. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Aug 20 07:00 pm
  3. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Aug 27 07:00 pm

—October 26 , 2009

5:15 -- 6:00
Assessors went to houses that were sold recently in order to update records:

209 South Shelburne Rd.
327 Little Mohawk Rd.
14 Halligan Ave.
59 Maple St. -- house is gutted -- will apply for an abatement in January

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:30PM -- Marvin Peck & Jim Richardson present

2.Reviewed mail:

  • Deeds
  • September 28 Special Town Meeting Budget Reductions -- Assessor's Expenses
  • Account reduced by $800
  • DLS: Proposed Certification Year Reallocation (Shelburne NOT on list)
  • Next year 2010 is Reval year for FY2011
  • CAMA Tech Talk Newsletter
  • CAMA Update Training 10/28/09 -- won't attend due to budget cut
  • Guidelines to the Open Meeting Law

3. Signed Previous meeting minutes -- 9/28/09

4. Signed Bill Schedule: Registry of Deeds -- September $15.00
FRCOG -CSC FY2010 Dues $1,800.00

5. Signed Monthly Reports for September

6. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Warrant 2009 #5 = $7,570.07

7. Review & Sign Chapter Applications -- passed over until Joe Mattei is present

8. Employee Evaluations due in Selectmen's office November 10 -- assessors took forms

9. Signed Recap & Overlay Form OL-1 -- Town clerk has to check appropriations on page 4 and sign off

10. Tax Classification Hearing will be held November 9th @7:15PM

11. Conway is interested in sharing cost of Dam appraisal for Deerfield #2 -- told them we had little money to spend and that Roy Bishop handled our Revals -- provided them with Roy Bishop's contact information and said that he handled it for us for last Reval

12. Next Meetings: November 9 & 23

13. Not on agenda -Eugene Butler wanted to know about valuation & handling of APR land -- we carry a market value for the land which includes a 2 acre house lot, but for tax purposes the land is valued as Agricultural land using the state Chapter Land Values depending on the use of the land -- Mr. Butler wanted to know what happens if the taxes are not paid on the APR land for a few years -- it was mentioned that the town might take the land and/or it would be auctioned off -- the APR remains with the land in perpetuity, regardless of ownership change

14. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:05PM

Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
James T. Richardson