Upcoming Meetings

  1. Select Board MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  2. Open Space Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm
  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

—February 9, 2009

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:15 PM Marvin Peck & Joseph Mattei present

2. Reviewed mail:

  • Memorandum from Selectboard - Immediate Spending Freeze & Revised Budgets
  • DOR/DLS Local Aid Cuts FY2009 - Shelburne = $31,441
  • Local Aid Cut Estimates FY2010 = $27,912
  • Special Town Meeting Articles February 5th
  • Patriot Properties Letter - Regarding Converting from CAMA
  • Certification Preparation Workshops - Greenfield GCC March 2nd in preparation for next revaluation in 2010 - it was agreed that assistant will attend
  • Chapter Land Values - FY2010
  • List of Owners from DCR whose Forest Management Plans to expire this year - Bruce will send letters to remind land owners to renew their plans this year
  • Deed
  • Business certificates
  • Municipal Affairs Coordinating Cabinet meeting Feb. 19th
  • Advantax - requesting Personal Property Depreciation tables
  • 3ABC Form - Mass Audubon
  • FRCOG Newsletter - will reduce cost to towns by 10% for FY2010
  • DOR/BLA Equalization Study 2008

3. Signed Previous meeting minutes January 26th (also December 8th & January 12th

4. Memos from clerk regarding nomination papers
Jim Richardson is up for re-election as Tree Warden & Marvin Peck is up for re-election
for Assessor this year

5. Signed Registry of Deeds bill

6. CSC Ballot for Waiver of Tier Buyback Fees - Board voted unaminously to not waive fees for joining CSC until July 1, 2010

7. Two additional small lots were found on deeds belonging to The Quinnehtuk Company on the Mohawk Trail - access to Wilcox Hollow -to be added to files

8. Question as to whether property at 49 Mechanic Street has been foreclosed on by
National Loan Investors - a letter was sent to them regarding taxes that are unpaid for prior years

9. Removed building from Lot 9 on Map 8 - changed to all chapter
land, since it is under Conservation Restriction

10. Sewall proposed bid for 2009 Map Updates is $675
Will need to check with the selectboard about spending freeze

11. Franco Rossi from Cartographic Associates - estimate of $600 for map updates
will cost approximately $100 - $150 less next year without scanning, if we have
the same number of updates

12. Reviewed Exemption Applications and approved -signed Certificates

13. Abatement Applications tabled until full board convenes

14. Next meeting February 23rd

15. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:40 PM

Joseph P. Mattei
Marvin C. Peck