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  3. Finance Committee MeetingMon, Jul 23 07:00 pm

—December 14, 2009

1. Called meeting to order @ 6:10PM Marvin Peck & Joe Mattei present
2. Not on Agenda:

Mr. & Mrs. Macdonald came to the meeting to discuss their increased valuation for FY2010. They want their valuation changed back to $212,700.
Assessors tried to explain that when they visited the house this year, they found an additional small outbuilding that was not on our records and that the condition of their house was better than listed on our records. These updates increased their value by about $30,000 to $242,400. It was noted that they paid about $262,000. The owners believe that since nothing has been done to the house, then the value should not change. They stated that property values have decreased in the past year across the country. They also feel that they should not be charged for the outbuilding, since it is not enclosed on all sides & it is movable. The assessors explained to them that they can file for an abatement within 30 days of the mailing of the actual tax bills, which will be the end of December. The assistant had already given them an abatement previously, which they intend to file. They were informed that if they are not happy with the board's decision on their abatement next year, then they can appeal to the Appellate Tax Board.

3. Reviewed mail:
Public Hearing Notice for Jim Richardson about proposed Tree Removals

Registry of Deeds - Print our own copies of deeds & plans? Bruce had sent a letter stating that we do not need Estate Affidavits -- We will just ask for a monthly list of documents, which we can print ourselves. We will still ask for full size lot plans

Deeds & Plans

Certificates of Approval- September & October. These are new reports for certificates for work completed; other than new buildings.

Sales Verification

Dept. Of Veteran Services FY2011 -- Town's expenses for tax levy = $4,941

Sen. Downey letter - RE: The Bill extending the deadline for mailing third quarter tax bills to January 30th has passed the legislature -- awaiting Governor's signature

DLS Gateway information on Miscellaneous Forms -- submission of Reimbursement for Exemptions & Land of Low Value Applications

City & Town
2003 info found regarding Vipassana Center's contribution to the town in lieu of taxes (would give $400-500 once or twice a year)-- gave $1000 this year

Found old Recaps 1945 -- 1949 Must save as Permanent Records

4. Signed Previous meeting minutes -- 11/23/09 need Jim Richardson's signature

5. Signed Bill Schedule: Registry of Deeds $20.00

6. Signed Monthly Reports for November

7. Signed Collector's Warrant for Year 2009 6th Motor Vehicle Excise Commitment

8. Signed Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement

9. Susan Gribbell called about Chapter 61A land application letter that we sent her -- she said it should have gone under Forest Land Chapter 61, but Forester Dave Celino filed under 61A, which was the chapter that her parents were under. I informed her that it would cost $75 to reclassify under Chapter 61. Tabled until Jim is present.

10. It was noted by assistant that Connie Clarke on Old Greenfield & Zerah Fiske roads called about road work being done on her land; she was giving some land to the town to straighten the road -- she wanted to know if it will affect her taxes? She was told that her land is under Chapter 61, so most of her land is valued at $98 an acre. She thought that she would get some formal notice. It has not gone before the town yet. Also it is a county road, so FRCOG handles the survey plans. She did not know they were going to start this soon. They were already doing some sort of work on the road. She will call John Payne.

11. Roy Bishop will email his proposal for FY2011 Revaluation -- cost is $8,500 -- he wants to finish early

12. Next Meeting January 11th

13. Adjourned Meeting @6:40 PM

Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
Joseph P. Mattei