Upcoming Meetings

    —January 12, 2009

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:05PM Joseph Mattei, Marvin Peck, & James Richardson

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • MassACORN Workshop January 20th
    • MAAO Winter Meeting January 22nd
    • DOR Storm Damage Bulletin
    • Foreclosure Sale Notice for Mohawk Orchard Properties
    • Veteran Services Letter for FY2010 Expenses - $ 4,941
    • Free Cash Certification General Fund = $117,450 Sewer Enterprise Fund = $145,696
    • Building Permits - which Cosby house? It is at 602 Bardwells Ferry.
    • New Cingular Wireless (Bell Atlantic Mobile) ATB Decision will not be centrally
      Valued by the state any longer - not a telephone company by law
    • City & Town
    • Highland Communities
    • MAAO Newsletter

    3. Thomas Gadomski met with the board - his house is still not finished - it was listed at
    100% for FY2009 - previously it was at 60% complete -second floor not finished,
    First floor not finished - plywood floors and counters - some trim done -
    Assessors will go look at house, when an appointment is set up; but he needs to file abatement forms by February 2nd

    4. Signed Previous meeting minutes

    5. Signed Farm Excise Article request for annual town meeting

    6. Signed Tax Exemption Clause 17D request for town meeting article in order to help
    Elderly persons 70 years of age or older, with limited funds and assets
    Shall the Town of Shelburne accept Real Estate Tax Exemption Clause 17D?
    which sets a total limit of $40,000 for a person's whole estate, real and personal,
    excluding the total value of their property, not to exceed 3 dwelling units, and any unpaid
    mortgage balance on that property?

    7. Signed Motor Vehicle Abatements

    8. Signed Real Estate & Personal Property Warrants FY2009
    Town - Real Estate = $1,365,047.30 Personal Property = $87,461.96
    Fire District - Real Estate = $61,350.24 Personal Property = $5,776.09

    9. Signed November & December Monthly list of Motor Vehicle Abatements

    10. Reviewed Chapter Land Application

    11. Reviewed Annual Report - decided to list Joe Mattei, since he was chairman for FY2008

    12. Reviewed and signed FY2010 Budgets for Assessors' Salaries, Assistant Assessor,
    Expenses, and Contracted Services

    13. Tabled review and signing of exemption and abatement applications

    14. Next Meeting January 26th

    15. Adjourned Meeting @ 7:09PM

    James T. Richardson

    Joseph P. Mattei

    Marvin C. Peck