Upcoming Meetings

    —August 10, 2009

    1. Called meeting to order @ 6:10 PM ; Marvin Peck, Joe Mattei, & Jim Richardson present

    2. Reviewed mail:

    • Deeds -- Trinity Church Parsonage was sold
    • July Building Permits
    • DLS Bulletin Revised Abatement, Exemption, & Deferral Applications
    • Sales Verification -- 76 Frank Williams Rd.
    • Regionalization Conference in Worcester September 3
    • Highland Communities Conference September 12 in Ashfield
    • CSC Tech Talk Summer Newsletter
    • City & Town - July
    • FRCOG August Newsletter
    • 3ABC Form Shelburne Buckland Community Center
    • Conway Assessors Letter regarding Second Homes
    • Plan for Ashfield Stone Curb Cut
    • FY2010 RECAP Instructions

    3. Signed the following items:

    1. Previous meeting minutes July 27
    2. Recreational Land Tax Lien Release
    3. Motor Vehicle Warrants -- 2008 - #10 $7.29 2009 - #4 - $14,662.90
    4. Chapter 61 Forest Land Certificates -- Apex Orchards
      Waiting for completed Forest Plans for John Lee & C. Ethan & Diana O'Brien
    5. Bill Payable: Comm. Of Mass Registry of Deeds - July- $17.00
    6. Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements
    7. Monthly Reports for July

    4. Read a copy of the Letter from the Building Inspector's Office regarding 119 Taylor Road construction a building permit was issued on August 3rd for siding; it appears that more work is being done there. Assessors will visit next year to check on renovations

    5. Map Changes -- discussed the location of Water St. intersection with Main St. and whether one property was on Water St. or Main St. It was decided that the owner's driveway abuts Main St.

    6. Franklin County Assessors Association meeting this Wednesday at 6:00 at Stillwaters Restaurant; all assessors will be attending. A speaker has not been located yet.

    7. Next meeting August 24th

    8. Adjourned Meeting @ 6:30PM

    Marvin C. Peck, Chairman
    Joseph P. Mattei
    James T. Richardson