Upcoming Meetings

  1. Assessors MeetingMon, Apr 23 04:30 pm
  2. Planning Board MeetingWed, Apr 25 07:00 pm
  3. Planning Board MeetingWed, Apr 25 07:00 pm
  4. 250th Planning Committee MeetingMon, Apr 30 03:30 pm
  5. Select Board MeetingMon, Apr 30 07:00 pm
  6. Special Town MeetingMon, Apr 30 07:30 pmAgenda hoverSee news article for warrant .

Council on Aging


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Who We Are

The Council on Aging is a committee appointed by the Town of Shelburne Selectboard, authorized under Chapter 40, Section 8B of Massachusetts General Laws.  Its purpose is to advocate for the senior citizens of our community and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Selectboard.  Members serve 3-year terms.

What We Do

Three Shelburne Council on Aging members serve as voting members of The Senior Center Board of Directors with the others serving as alternates.  The Senior Center Board meets monthly.  All COA members serve on sub-committees of the Board of Directors.  We work closely with other members of the Board (from Ashfield and Buckland) and the Director and staff of The Senior Center to identify needs of our senior population and to provide appropriate activities and services for the present and to plan for the future.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Senior Center and member Councils on Aging is to enrich the lives of residents in the community as they age by designing support networks, identifying and meeting their needs and interests and providing services and programs in welcoming, respectful, and safe environments.