Upcoming Meetings

  1. Assessors MeetingMon, Apr 23 04:30 pm
  2. Planning Board MeetingWed, Apr 25 07:00 pm
  3. Planning Board MeetingWed, Apr 25 07:00 pm
  4. 250th Planning Committee MeetingMon, Apr 30 03:30 pm
  5. Select Board MeetingMon, Apr 30 07:00 pm
  6. Special Town MeetingMon, Apr 30 07:30 pmAgenda hoverSee news article for warrant .


The final draft warrant articles submitted by the Planning Board  ( click link ) for Shelburne's 2018 Annual Town Meeting related to zoning bylaw revisions are available.

To pass any of these articles, which includes proposed zoning regulations relative to adult use marijuana facilities, it will require a 2/3rds vote of Town Meeting.