Upcoming Meetings

  1. Planning Board MeetingWed, May 23 07:00 pmAgenda link
  2. Zoning Board of Appeals MeetingThu, May 31 07:00 pm


There will be a planning board public hearing on March 14th, 2018 regarding zoning bylaws and subdivision regulations.  Click here to view the final draft bylaw , or READ MORE to view the full Notice of Public Hearing.


Revisions to Shelburne Zoning Bylaw
Definitions, Use Table, Marijuana Establishments,
Junkyard/Recycling Center, Composting Facility
Building-Mounted and Ground-Mounted Solar-Panel Systems,
Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar-Electric Generating Installations,
Telecommunications Regulations, Siting Large-Scale Industrial & Commercial Facilities,
Revisions to Shelburne Subdivision Regulations


Notice is hereby given that the Shelburne Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM, in the Shelburne Town Hall Meeting Room, 51 Bridge St., Shelburne Falls, MA. The purpose of this hearing is to allow for public review and comment on the following: Section 2. Definitions -adding definitions for Junkyard/Recycling Center, Composting Facility and Marijuana Establishments, revise definitions 2.38 Solar Panel Systems for Premises Use and 2.39 Small-Scale Industrial Solar Energy Generating Facility to Building-Mounted and Ground-Mounted Small Scale Solar Systems, 2.4.8 Commercial Electric Generating Facilities; Section 4.3 Use Table-- new section for Marijuana Establishments, composting facility, revisions to Energy Generation Uses and recycling center; Section 16 Telecommunications Regulations revisions; Section 18.3 Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar-Electric Generating Installation increasing the maximum acreage from 10 to 20 acres; revisions to Section 21 Siting Large-Scale Industrial & Commercial Facilities; Revisions to the Shelburne Subdivision Regulations Section III Design Standards, ANR Form A, and Section 5.3 Fees.


For review purposes only, a copy of the proposed revisions are available for inspection in the Town Clerk’s Office, 51 Bridge St., Shelburne Falls, during the Clerk’s regular business hours.

John Wheeler, Chair
Shelburne Planning Board


Contact Person:

Liz Kidder, Administrative Assistant, Shelburne Planning Board