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Calling all aspiring artists!

 Plans for Shelburne’s 250th Anniversary Celebration have begun and we are looking for a LOGO DESIGN that will commemorate the Town’s 250th year of existence and be used on all Official 250th Shelburne Quarter-Millennial clothing and memorabilia.

The contest launches for a second time on November 28, 2017. Prize money will be awarded for the winning entry along with the honor of having the logo appear on all print and media notice publications.

Please down load the entry form here or click Read More for more details.


A small committee (which we hope will become larger very soon) is in the beginning stages of planning for the town’s 250th birthday party (a.k.a Quarter-Millennial). This logo will help tie together events that will start in June of 2018 or sooner. However, the logo contest winner WILL NOT have to wait to see their winning work as the committee wants to start using it right away!

The logo will appear on the official Town Website 250th celebration page. It will also emblazon signs, banners, t-shirts and other Quarter-Millennial paraphernalia to be determined.

In addition, the winner will receive a $250.00 cash prize to commemorate the milestone of Shelburne’s 250 years as a town.

What we are looking for is a logo that is not just a pretty image but also one that embodies the essence of Shelburne. The logo should remind people of how they feel about their town, its heritage, and the area in which they live.

A good logo is seven things: simple, distinct, scalable, memorable, versatile, relevant, and timeless.

Simply put, the logo should be easy to identify and recognize. It should work equally well on a tiny keychain, a t-shirt, or a large banner. It may be similar to other Shelburne logos (i.e., by borrowing a color scheme), but it should be its own unique image of heritage, people, beauty, and history of the town. In addition, while it should be appropriate to the times, it should not be limited to current trends.

A panel of local people will choose the winner in early November. An announcement will follow along with the sale of products commemorating Shelburne’s 250th Anniversary

The design contest is open to all residents of the Town of Shelburne but residents under 18 must have a parent(s)/guardian signature. The rules are explained on your entry form but the logo must include the word “Shelburne” and the number “250”.

Entry forms can be found at the Shelburne Town Hall or at the website page. All forms must be returned to Shelburne Town Clerk, 51 Bridge St., Shelburne, MA 01370. All entries must be returned in a sealed and dated envelope on, or before, 4pm on December 28, 2017.


For more information contact Joe Judd, our 250th Logo Contest Coordinator at 625-0300 x.3